Friday, June 21, 2013

Alarming Statistics Of Adolescent Depression

Many say that the best way to get someone's attention is by showing them numbers. Because quantities are exact. Numbers give figures. Figures are concrete concepts which can persuade even the most skeptic of them all-even if it's about teenage depression.

To start off, it is alarming that almost 20% (1/5) of teenage population experience clinical depression even before they reach their adulthood. Around 10-15% of teenagers show symptoms of adolescent depression at any time, while approximately 5% of teens are suffering from major depressive disorder. Despite the lack of social acceptance with regard to clinical depression as a valid health concern, it is noted that 8% of teens undergo depression, at least a year at a time. The percentage is definitely higher than the 5% of the general population suffering from the said mood disorder.

An episode of teenage depression generally last around 8 months. Teens who suffer from depression are predicted to have a 20-40% chance that their next depression attack can happen within the next two years, while there is a bigger chance of around 70% that there will another episode before they reach adulthood. It is interesting to note that a portion of teens have bouts of seasonal depression which usually takes place during winter season and in places of higher latitudes. The weather can be an element of this mood progression and it is something to be wary about.

Dysthymia, a mild but long lasting type of depression, affects 2% of the teenage population and the same percentage of teenage population develop bipolar disorder in their later years. Around 15% of teens who have major depression are later on diagnosed to develop bipolar disorder as well.

To sum it all up, teen depression can affect teenagers regardless of their social background, gender, income level, school, race or any other achievements. It is a fact that depression is one of the most common mental health disorder in the United States. Whether you are in your teens or adulthood, depression can strike you. Depression can have a serious effect on how teens will lead their lives and become productive individuals. Untreated depression or any mood disorder can be detrimental to their social and mental health.

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