Saturday, June 22, 2013

Depression at Work - How to Deal With It

Depression can be a very destructive disease. Stress can affect the family or personal relationships; it can also affect productivity in the workplace. Employers are losing money because of depression. The money spent in accidents of employees and absenteeism greatly affects the company's productivity. An employer can not treat or cure depression, but there are things you can do to help.

Employers should look for signs of depression. One of the main signs is the reduction of productivity. This can be especially worrying if the person was a good worker and their productivity levels have declined. There could be a strange cause and depression is a possibility.

People who are depressed often ignore stress warnings. This can cause symptoms manifested in a physical way. If you have an employee who is constantly complaining about pain, then this is a sign of depression.

Try to talk to this employee. You need to let them know that you expect them to be productive. However, you must let them know that you have noticed some changes and you're worried. Do not make them feel that their job is at risk. This could make things worse. If there is any employees' assistance program, try to encourage this employee to use this service. This could be a first step to recovery.

You need also establishes clear rules on what you expect from the employee. Let them know that the company has some policies related to diseases of depression and what they can do.

You must ensure that the employee knows that all is confidential. Not even you have the right to know what is discussed at the sessions. Try constantly to encourage employees to seek treatment for depression. If this condition is not treated in time, it could lead to serious consequences.

If the employee does not seek treatment you could allow him a more flexible schedule. A severe depression can lead to serious consequences. Any attempt of suicide should not be taken lightly. Report this situation immediately so that it can be analyzed. Your employees will thank you so.

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