Friday, May 3, 2013

Venereal Diseases - Are They Punishments From God?

We could answer easily by saying "yes" except for the fact God does not want to see people suffer, and does not arbitrarily punish them. In fact, disease and suffering are not the punishment for sin: "The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23), even "the second death" (Revelation 20:14).

The true answer to this question is that venereal diseases are the natural result of sexual promiscuity. A healthy husband and wife can live together all their lives, enjoying sex with each other for many decades, and not get a venereal disease. This is because Venereal diseases are a rife among many immoral people, a kind of natural curse. Have a glimpse about venereal diseases.

The term STD (Sexually transmitted Disease) covers a wide field: not only is the notorious Human Immunodeficient virus (HIV) and gonoccocal infection included but also such infections as syphilis, chancroid, herpes simplex, lice, granuloma inguinale Lymphogranuloma venereal and more important non-specific urethritis. Despite the very remarkable advances that have taken place in the medical field. the prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted diseases has increased steadily.

The man with a sexually transmitted disease is generally miserable and becomes antisocial. He becomes unreliable both to his wife and doctor because he is ashamed of himself. He becomes a liar to his wife and starts coming home very late claiming to be drunk. in case his wife should ask him for sex. To the woman, STD's especially gonorrhoea and non-specific urethritis, leave a permanent scar. The fallopian tubes get blocked and this can lead to sterility and permanent misery.

Here is a letter written to a well-known newspaper columnist, from a broken-hearted husband:
Dear.... I will never be able to make amends to my wife for what I did to her, but if you choose my letter for your column it might keep someone else from making the same mistake. I'm an average 33-year old man, married for six years. We have one child. One night I went out alone and picked up a nice-looking girl in a bar. Believe me, she looked and acted as nice as any girl I had ever met. She was immaculate and ladylike. That girl gave me gonorrhoea. I, in turn infected my wife with such a severe case that, at 30, she had to have a complete hysterectomy. Now, she'll never be able to have another child and she wanted one so much. The doctor had to tell her the truth and it nearly broke her heart because she had never looked at another man and knew it had to be my fault. She says she's forgiven me, but I don't think I can ever forgive myself. I went out on my wife only once and, God forgive me, it was the most foolish thing I've ever done. (Hating myself).

A noted psychiatrist once described a strange case of syphilis that developed into general paresis (syphilis of the brain). The patient was a real estate lawyer who suddenly appalled his family with behavior very unlike him. While he was at university, twenty years before, he had slipped once into a mistake-he had slept with a prostitute. He had noticed a sore (Chancre) afterwards but it soon disappeared. Soon he married a girl he loved, opened a law firm, had three children, became a deacon in his church and was highly respected in his community. Suddenly, when he was 45, he began to have strange symptoms, behavior that shocked his community. He tried to steal some fishing equipment; he lost interest in his wife and children, began consorting with loose women, made unwise business investments, lost his clients' money as well as his own. He became so confused that he couldn't remember what time it was. Grandiose delusions and silly childish behavior followed. He was mentally ill. The psychiatrist ordered blood tests, and syphilis of the brain was diagnosed by a positive Wasserman blood reaction.

The world press has carried frequent reports that a famous, unpredictable dictator actually suffered from syphilis of the brain. Surely his behavior was very similar to that of the patient above. What a tragedy that so many innocent people had to suffer! Was the "curse" of STD the real cause? Most press companies and health magazines report that a 'new sexual leprosy" is infecting millions with disease- and with despair. "Herpes" is a "virus of love," says the news magazine, that is resisting conventional medical treatment. "Millions, when they seek medical help, will often be given incorrect information or false hopes for cures. Most will suffer shame, guilt and even depression, and a few will become suicidal over what they feel is the 'new leprosy'.

Doctors warn that the risk of cervical cancer (in women) increases with the number of sexual partners. Dr Maureen Henderson of the University of Washington once said that numerous studies have linked it to promiscuous sex. "The greater the exposure, the greater the likelihood" of developing this disease."

Judgments from God?
God loves us (John 3:16). But if we transgress His law given us for our own good, we expose ourselves to the consequences of disaster, a known magazine quotes a 47-year-old man who got "Herpes" from a prostitute in Asia: "I regard myself as a carrier of an invisible, incurable disease. I have a guilt trip that won't quit". "Adultery is a trap-it catches those with whom the Lord is angry" (proverbs 22:14). This does not mean that the Lord hates the one who has transgressed. He still loves the sinner. But sin separates us from the intercession of Christ. We cut ourselves off from the protection that Christ as High priest gives to those who believe in Him and are "in Him". This allows Satan to have access to us, in order to destroy us.

Thus, the mysterious venereal diseases are a visible evidence we can understand Satan's inner, hidden activity. The Lord permits these physical evidences of spiritual diseases that are always the sure result of fornication and adultery. If we look at it in this light, even venereal diseases therefore can be a means to lead a sinner to repentance and salvation in Christ. Thus, venereal diseases we can say are the manifestation of the Devil himself, if we fall into his trap of sexual temptations, but if we work with God and do not yield to the offers of the Devil, we stay out of it and under the divine Love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is how God's love can transform a curse into a blessing! He will never use a fear mechanism to draw us to himself, but rather shower us with His love. But if we refuse and prove stubborn, then we should get ready to bear any form of consequence which will come our way.

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