Monday, April 29, 2013

The Early Signs of Depression Can Be As Straightforward As Fatigue and Insomnia

A large percentage of people may not even realize they are depressed. Being down mentally, whether from loss of a job, divorce or even moving can cause stress which then can lead to a mild form of depression in many people causing the early signs of depression like fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, insomnia or even sleeping too much. Some people can develop short tempers and cannot handle the daily stresses of life if overloaded with responsibilities; this too can lead to depression in some people.

If your feelings or the cause of depression are not dealt with these feelings can escalate to feelings more intense such as feeling sad, life can seem meaninglessness or hopeless. Hobbies or activities that once were fun have no interest to you. It might also be difficult to focus or make decisions.

Feeling sad or having bleak thoughts are also early signs of depression but when feelings start to turn towards drinking alcohol in excess to feel better or thoughts of suicide then consider these warning signs of depression. Symptoms can also include physical ailments like headaches and vague symptoms that never go away or cannot be diagnosed by a doctor.

Most everyone will deal with some form of depression in their life so do not feel alone. There is help out there from many sources; whether just talking to a family or church member, friend or a counselor. If you think you might be experiencing the warning signs of depression go see your doctor especially if severe thoughts are consuming you.

If you have a mild case of depression or just in one of the slumps in life there are other alternative remedies and medicines to treat your symptoms which have been around for many years and can be just as effective as pharmaceutical medicines.

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