Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bipolar Disorder - Getting Health Insurance If You Have Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, manic-depressive disorder, or bipolar affective disorder, is a mental health condition in which sufferers experience alternative periods of elation and depression. This condition is expensive to treat because it requires daily medication and frequent doctor's visits. Unfortunately, if bipolar disorder is a pre-existing medical condition, patients may not be able to receive coverage. Even if this disorder was diagnosed after enrolling in a health insurance plan, patients may run into problems. However, getting coverage is possible. Here's what the insurance company will want to know.

A health insurance company will first want to know if you are employed. People with Bipolar Disorder pose a significant financial risk to an insurance company due to the sheer amount of doctor's visits and medication required. They need to know if you can pay the premiums as well as anything they cannot cover. Usually all you will need to do is provide the company with your employer's information; they will then verify your employment by contacting your place of work. Make sure to let your boss know that the insurance company may be calling so he or she will not be caught off guard.

The insurance company will also need to know exactly when you were diagnosed as well as when the last major episode occurred. There may be a formal request for your medical records, in which case you will need to supply them with the name of your physician. However, if you have not been hospitalized recently, this may not be an issue. Basically, the insurance company wants to know the chances that you might require an inpatient or outpatient hospital visit. They will do this by looking at your medical history, progress, and number of hospital visits.

Finally, the health insurance company will want to know exactly what medication you are taking as well as how you are responding to it. Again, they are assessing your risk to determine how much you will cost them. Do you need a lot of medication to function? Have you been through many different types of medication to find one that worked? They will take a look at how well you have been progressing since you started medication in order to determine your overall stability. Showing the insurance company that your Bipolar Disorder poses few risks will greatly improve your chances of getting approved for coverage.

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