Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Watching For the Dark Signs of Depression

All of us have had some kind of encounter with depression. That is, a continual state of extreme sadness or pain whether or not it is founded or particularly directed at someone or something.

You may suspect someone you know of suffering from depression. If so, check the warning signs below to see if they are exhibiting.

If you have noticed that a person becomes easily irritated or agitated over minor issues, you may be observing the beginning signs of depression, especially if this is not typical of their behavior. Attempt to gently talk with this person to see if they might need help.

Occasional feelings of emptiness are familiar to all of us. If, however, you know someone who can seem to talk of nothing else, you should encourage him to speak to a professional who can help him deal with his emotions of despair.

Watch for sudden changes in lifestyle, including oversleeping or sleep deprivation. This may be contributing to the individual's heightened irritability and be a sign that he is suffering from emotional turmoil.

Sudden or unexplained bodily aches and pains also point to depression. If a doctor is unable to medically pinpoint the root of chronic headaches or chest pains, it may be an indicator that a visit to the psychiatrist is in order.

If someone has recently undergone some kind of trauma, like a bad breakup, divorce or loss of a loved one, it is almost certain that this is the source of his depression. As a friend or family member, you need to be gentle and patient in offering as much support as possible so that the individual battling depression can sort through his issues and overcome his problems.

These are the classic symptoms that persistently recur in most confirmed cases of depression. If you have noticed a number of these symptoms in someone you know, talk to them. Let them know that they matter to you and that you are worried about their wellbeing. Your care and concern may save their life and discourage them from doing something regrettable.

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