Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Downward Depression Spiral

So many folk are troubled by depressive disorders these days and studies show that three out of ten people will experience a depression in their life-time. You're really not alone. The truth is depression is often called the common cold of the psychiatric illnesses. We all feel down at times and 'ups and downs' are a part of everyday living. It is perfectly normal to feel down in the dumps when you experience a loss. Whether it is losing your employment, losing your spouse to separation or death, a loss of self-esteem through being rejected or any one of the many other life incidents which can cause us to feel down.

The Effects of Stress

Stress causes the chemicals in the brain, called serotonin, to get used up. The brain chemicals will naturally restore themselves to their healthy level however only if we have a certain amount of recovery time following a stressful event. At times there's no opportunity to recover, due to continuous stress. This is when the signs of depression will start showing. The feeling of having no worth, not being able to sleep or to eat, or eating or sleeping an excessive amount are very common warning signs. Uncharacteristic negative talking is also a typical warning sign and suggests that the brain is sick and the person needs treatment for depression.


Many people believe that their heart as well as other bodily organs can get ill and immediately get medical treatment for the ailment. However there's no such acceptance if the brain gets unwell with depression because of excessive stress. This is really not logical because the brain is actually merely another organ of the body, and therefore, just like the heart, can also get ill. Many people find depression hard to accept. Nobody can wish away depression or 'pull themselves together' - they would if they could. The person requires medical help.


There have been such developments in anti-depressant medications for which we should be truly thankful. Be compliant with your doctor and you will find an anti-depressant that helps you. The medicine simply gets the brain back to working normally again and you'll definitely find that you are your 'old self' once more within about three weeks.

Coping with Stress

The best way to stop this never-ending cycle of spiralling down into depression each time you go through stress is to learn to alter the way your mind thinks! This is generally known as Cognitive Therapy or therapy of the thoughts. It is hard work but really worthwhile. You are able to have a life free from depression!

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