Saturday, May 4, 2013

Handling a Depressed Person

The person who is suffering from depression, also effects the surroundings, and everyone who comes in contact do feel an impact. Therefore it becomes very important and necessary to help the person to come out of the problem, thus making the journey of life easy and meaningful. There are three main steps which come in the way to improve the state of depressed person.

Recognizing the problem

The very first step to help any way to a sick person is to recognize the root cause of the problem. Though it is not easy, but still it is far much easier to find the problem as compared to the person concerned. Sometimes it is very difficult for the patient to actually know what had happened to him. If one notice a marked and lack of enthusiasm, negative thinking, disturbed sleep and eating pattern, perhaps an increase in alcohol consumption and loss of libido, then one should consider depression as the cause.

Understanding the Problem

It is very important that one has to understand the problem as lot of the anguish surrounding the disease is caused by frustration engendered by misunderstanding. Yes, there is a fact related to depressed person who is not responding, and whose behavior is strange and erratic and refusing to seek help is very daunting and struggle full.

There are a few very important facts one need to recognize if one is dealing with a depressed person:

- Depressed people are more dangerous to themselves then to their surroundings.
- One should be aware that teenagers and children can also experience depression.
- Depression is an illness like cancer or heart disease, there should be no shame or blame attached to being depressed.
- The depressed people cannot take in what the other person say or react usefully to help and advice in the way they normally would.
- The depression sufferer cannot cheer themselves up more nor do they snap out of it.
- One should always be aware that there are very successful treatments for alleviating the symptoms of depression and now with EPA they don't involve side effects.
- One should actually work toward the root cause of the problem to save depressant from the subsequent impact on relationship, both at home and at work as if the depression goes unrecognized it can be devastating.


The best solution to any problem is to recognize the problem then finding the solution and finally helping the facts and solutions to improve the state of person who is suffering from the phase of depression. As the person who is feeling depressed will take very long to even admit the fact that is actually suffering from the disease. They may not response at once, but keep trying, or get someone else close to them and let them know how they are feeling and that they have your full support.

The most difficult task is to recognize the depression in children and teenagers, not at least because you don't expect them to get the illness so young. But one needs to be very careful to actually find the difference between a sulky mono syllabic teenager who refuses to eat what you cook or get out of bed or function in a way that you consider appropriate. If you think someone you know is in danger of harming themselves, you must seek help immediately by contacting their practitioner and explaining the problem. Thus making life seems more relaxed and beautiful to them.

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