Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Law of Attraction And The Importance Of Positive Affirmations

"Think of happy thoughts and you can fly." This is one of the most memorable quotes from the famous children story, Peter Pan. The only way for him and for the other children to fly is to think only of happy thoughts. This scenario can be a wonderful motivation to visualize about the power of thinking particularly positive affirmations. It may sound childish to others but this is also the concept that the Law of Attraction is trying to teach.

The Law of Attraction believes that thoughts have the power to create reality. It stems from the perception that everything in this universe is energy, even thoughts. It's about attracting wealth and happiness by possessing positive thinking. Like Peter Pan's ability to fly, Law of attraction is thus powered by happy thoughts. What the story and the law is trying to convey is that despite the problems and conflicts in life, putting in beautiful thoughts can change how to look at them on a different perspective.

In the same sense, when a person feels bad about the unfavorable situations coming into his life, he becomes motivated negatively. Instead of thinking what he can do about it, he choose to feel depressed and end up building more negative circumstances without knowing it. Focusing on the positive therefore becomes even more important whenever feelings of frustrations, sadness and anger are trying to dominate.

Telling oneself positive affirmations as though he is wonderful and wealthy, can help start inviting positive energy to flow. Oftentimes, people tend to overlook the importance of positive declarations. Many do not understand how repeating these affirmations all day and every day can change their lives. Setting the mind with positive affirmations can bring positive results. How a person thinks is how he changes his life. If he starts feeding his thoughts with negative affirmations and start feeling gloomy, negative patterns and actions will follow. Declaring positive affirmations can smash them and eventually change his views. Using positive affirmations can remove 'bad luck' from life.

Happiness is a choice as often heard. And this was proven by people knowing how the law of attraction works in their lives and believing in the power of their thinking. With these, it seems like the only limitation that a person can have is his own mind. Limited thinking can bring limited choices and opportunities while positive affirmations can pour in wealth and happiness.

Remember, people can and do make recoveries from depression and go on to lead their best lives imaginable. Seek help.

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