Sunday, May 5, 2013

4 Causes of Depression

Depression is a serious illness that attacks about 18.8 million Americans each year. About 1 in 20 adults will suffer from depression in their lifetime. There are a variety of reasons that can trigger a depressive state. Read further to see some of these causes.

There is one factor that stands out when it comes to depression, it's stress.

Causes of Depression

  1. Pressures at work.

  2. Money worries.

  3. Divorce.

  4. Job loss.

Signs and symptoms

  1. Loss of interest in daily activities.

  2. Fatigue.

  3. Low self-esteem.

  4. No sexual interest.

  5. Poor sleep.

  6. Poor blood circulation.

If the signs point to depression and you feel depression gaining a foothold in your life look at imbalances first. Many times a chemical imbalance can be the reason you can't handle stressful situations. Since stress is the highest percentage of causes this would be the first place to look.

You would look at your adrenal glands, these are the glands that produce chemicals that help you with stressful situations. When your adrenals are not functioning properly you entire system can get depressed. Doctors will pass this by in favor of a drug for depression. Ask your doctor for a adrenal cortisol test, it's simple and inexpensive. This test should be covered by most insurance programs, if not it's worth to pay for out of pocket.

There are other alternatives to overcome depression and you would be advised to search for the natural cures. The reason is drugs will only cause other problems with your kidneys, liver and stomach if taken long term. There are situations where a drug is needed for immediate relief of depression, but long term you need a cure.

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