Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bipolar Quiz - Spot The Signs Early

If you believe that you may be suffering from Bipolar Disorder, then you may want to take a bipolar quiz. All you need to do is read the statements below and decide if they describe the way you are feeling. Read on to take the bipolar quiz.

Step 1) Mood swings: If two or more of the statements below apply to you, then you may be suffering from bipolar disorder. Move onto bipolar quiz 2 & 3 to find out if you are displaying classic bipolar symptoms (if only one statement from the bipolar quiz applies it is unlikely that you have bipolar disorder).

1. You have constant mood swings

2. Your moods swing wildly between feelings of extreme happiness and sadness

3. You feel as though you have no control over your moods

4. Your up moods can sometimes get you into trouble

Step 2) When you are on a high: When you are in the throes of your high (mania) do the following statements apply to your state of mind...

I have lots of energy, more than usual

I don't need much sleep

I feel restless a lot of the time

I loose my appetite

I have increased sexual energy

I find it hard to focus and concentrate on one idea

People sometimes find it hard to keep up with me

I tend to talk more and my voice is louder

I spend money that I don't have

I take more risks and act recklessly

Step 3) When you are on a low: When you are in your depressed state do the following statements describe how you feel?

I feel down and cry more than usual

I stop enjoying the things I usually like to do

I don't sleep well and I'm always tired

I eat more than usual

My libido severely decreases

I'm more forgetful than usual

I get irritated and angry more easily

I feel that life is hopeless and not worth living any more

I don't like myself and have feelings of self hate

I have thoughts of death and suicide

Bipolar quiz results: If the statements from the bipolar quiz steps 2 & 3 apply to the way you feel during your high and low moods, you are displaying some of the most common symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. Make sure that you seek medical advice and get fully diagnosed. This bipolar quiz is not definitive and should only be used for informational purposes. If you would like more information on bipolar and bipolar quizzes then please click on the links below.

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