Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Manic Depression Facts

Manic depression is a type of mental disorder that is commonly referred to as bipolar disorder. This can be recognized by the person's high and low mood swings which can shift at anytime and for any reason. It can affect the person's mood as well as their energy and how they function during their everyday lives.

This certain type of depression can affect both men and women and can manifest itself at any age. However, it more commonly begins when the person is a teenager or young adult. Most health experts believe that this condition can be passed along through the genetic code in people and can affect someone no matter what race or ethnic group they belong to.

People with this problem can hurt not only themselves - but also the people that are around them. There are medications that they can take - which will help to control the symptoms and the mood changes. one of the best ways to control the problem is to understand that things that can set you off.

Usually there is a pattern that can trigger an episode and knowing what it is and how to avoid it will help. Besides being treated regularly you must make sure that you receive the proper amount of sleep. Basically anything that can affect your mood in a negative or overly positive way can send you into an episode.

Most people think that when you have manic depression you will be sad or angry all the time by different life events or even everyday things. However, it can also affect how happy and excited you are. One second you can be so excited about something that you are behaving oddly and the next second you could be extremely sad or angry about something else.

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