Friday, May 10, 2013

Online Depression Tests - Test Your Symptoms

Online depression test is one of the simplest and easily available options to determine if a person is a victim of depression. Although the analytical results obtained from such tests would be less accurate than that of a proper medical examination, it would still give a rough picture of the level of depression an individual is suffering from.

The best part of online depression tests is the availability of a wide variety of options. For example, a simple question like "Are you feeling sad and helpless" would be followed typically with several options such as "Not at all", "Slightly", "Partially", "Most of the time" and "Always". A set of 12-18 such questions forms an online depression test and gives a good representation of the state of the mind of the patient. At the end of the test, there would be a button, which is to be clicked to check the depression score of the patient.

Questions in such tests generally focus on how a person is feeling in certain scenarios, his state of mind, physical condition, and interest in routine activities and so on. Doctors and consultants for depression treatment also use such tests. Furthermore, the same test can be repeated on a periodic basis, such as weekly, monthly, etc. to check the patient's response to the treatment given, and to determine future scope of improvement.

Online depression tests are generally free in nature and several web sites cater to it. Such tests are generally anonymous and no personal / confidential details of the patient are required. The database resulting from such tests is generally used by large healthcare organizations for their own research.

Sometimes, it may happen that the online depression tests do not cover the scenario, which an individual is experiencing. In such cases, if depression continues, or a person exhibits suicidal tendencies and other signs of depression, he should be taken to a consultant or medical centre at the earliest.

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