Saturday, May 11, 2013

Clinical Depression - How To Find A Treatment

In the past finding any information about clinical depression was very difficult, because of the stigma that came with any mental illness it was just not talked about and sufferers felt ashamed and embarrassed to even go and see their family doctor about their symptoms.

Nowadays, thank goodness, this is changing for the better. Mental health issues are beginning to be understood more and the majority of people no longer look on someone who has symptoms of a mental illness as "nutters" or "headcases". It has taken a long time but a mental "illness" is now being looked on as just that, an "illness" just like any other condition, physical or otherwise. We no longer get locked up for life in a mental asylum as our ancestors would have been.

A lot of people with symptoms of clinical depression now feel they can talk to family or friends about it without being embarrassed and without fear of ridicule.

The next step, if you feel you are suffering with clinical depression will be to see your family doctor as soon as possible so a correct diagnosis can be made. Remember, doctors see this condition every day and have hundreds of patients coming to them looking for answers and treatment, there is nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed about visiting the doctors surgery.

If your doctor feels you need further help he will refer you to the mental health team which will include psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors etc, if your condition is mild to moderate depression he may first try medication for a short term to see how you respond before deciding on further treatment.

In the age of the internet there are many thousands of places to find information about clinical depression. Educating yourself in this way is a good idea but do not take everything you see and read about as absolute fact, remember a lot of these sites have sprung up and the site owners have no education or experience in mental health. At the end of the day your doctor and psychiatrist have spent many years in medical school, training to be the best in their field so these are the people you need to take advice from regarding your health, mental or otherwise.

Your doctor or mental health team will decide on the best course of treatment for your individual symptoms, not everyone with clinical depression will have the same symptoms so every case must be dealt with differently.

Remember, it is an illness and it can be treated, so don't delay in seeing your family doctor.

穢 Andrew Tudor Jones

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