Saturday, May 11, 2013

Depression Recovery Differences Between Men And Women

Depression affects far less men than females yet it is nonetheless a figure of six percent on a global scale. Although the medications and treatment offered to women dealing with depression is like that offered to men, the symptoms are different. So male depression recovery has to be approached differently.

According to the majority of physicians and therapists, men react differently compared to females in terms of dealing with depression. Men are more inclined to anger, bad temper and violence. It is more usual for males to lose their self-control whereas women experience greater levels of feelings of insignificance and hopelessness.

Nonetheless, many of the signs are common to both men and women. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include:

-- feelings of sorrow
-- feelings of worthlessness for no evident reason
-- sudden weight loss
-- appetite changes
-- putting on weight
-- eating too much
-- not being able to sleep
-- feeling irritated
-- decreased energy levels
-- frequently feeling drained and sleepy
-- often feeling guilty for no apparent reason
-- unexplained aches and pains
-- lack of ability to focus on things

Males who are depressed tend to cover their feelings and control their emotions to hidden. While females find it easier to verbalize their grief and are more likely to shed tears. They are as well more likely to increase their amount of hours asleep and sometimes eat too much although men more frequently still go to work, visit the gym and continue their every day engagements.

Males also tend to keep their thoughts to themselves rather than tell their family and friends how they are feeling. When this happens, they habitually detach themselves from their normal social life which tends to make matters worse and is one of the numerous reasons why depression amongst males can be difficult to discover.

Even though there are numerous treatments and medications readily accessible to help men with recovering from depression, it is frequently rather challenging to encourage them to ask for such remedies or even simply to see a physician. This is when their condition gets worst.

If you know someone who's going through depression try to talk them around to see a professional so they can get the appropriate medication for them.

Make sure you give them extra care and support. If you spot that they are experiencing frustration and other signs and symptoms associated with depression in men, try to reach out to them and lend a helping hand. You could give them some books or extra materials to help them understand their condition better. These resources may even convince them to search for professional assistance.

Remember that this condition is easier to handle at an early phase plus the fact that the sooner they can be supported the sooner their recovery from depression can be started.

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