Thursday, April 11, 2013

Treating Depression With Vitamins - The Benefits Of Treating Depression With Vitamins

Depression is more than just feeling sad or "blue". Depression is an illness that can be very hard to diagnose and treat. There are any number of Depression Treatments but for we will look at treating Depression with vitamins. We will look at just a few of the vitamins that can benefit Depression.

Symptoms of Depression

If you are feeling sad or as if you are living life in slow motion, you may very well be suffering with Depression. You may be feeling lethargic and may have lost interest in favorite activities. You may desire to withdraw from family and friends. Changes in your appetite or sleep may be evident either too little or too much of either. You may have or had suicidal thoughts, this is to be taken seriously and help sought immediately. If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms get help as soon as possible. With proper treatment and diagnosis, Depression can be very treatable.

Possible Causes of Depression

Depression can be triggered by almost anything or it can have its roots in a physical illness. You should talk to your doctor and have him (her) help you to determine if there is a physical cause to how you are feeling. Some of the symptoms of Depression are also symptoms of Diabetes or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other conditions as well. Once anything physiological is ruled out you can turn to a psychiatrist or a counselor to determine if you are suffering with Depression.

You may be suffering from Depression if you have had any losses in your life. These losses could be a job, death of someone close to you, moving, an accident, or serious injury. Depression is also the result of chronic illnesses or trauma such as any type of abuse, loss of a relationship or for kids, moving, loss of a pet, a friend moving away, or again, any type of abuse or trauma. If it is determined that if you indeed suffer from Depression, you should consult with your doctor for referrals to a psychiatrist who deals with your type of Depression.

Treating Depression with vitamins

Vitamins are essential for overall good health but some work extremely well in treating Depression. Biotin is a B vitamin and it is water soluble. Biotin helps in the absorption of fatty acids and nucleic acids. Biotin may aid in hair loss and the lowering of blood glucose levels, which is important to all Diabetics. Diabetics may actually have a Biotin Deficiency.

Piperine is derived from black pepper and is classified as an alkaloid. It helps nutritional substances have more bioavailability. It may act as an anti-inflammatory, an aid for digestion, as well as a pain relief neurotransmitter.

Herbal Supplements are also another viable option in treating Depression. Some herbs may have quantities of vitamins in them that affect mood. Herbal supplements should have met pharmaceutical standards.
The ingredients' metabolic routes, at the molecular level should be examined as well as the interactions of the ingredients. This will help to insure the effectiveness, safety, and potency of the supplements.


Depression is one of the most difficult illnesses to diagnose and treat. Many people associate Depression with being "crazy" and because of the negative stigma attached to it refuse to seek help. Traditional medications have very serious side effects some of which can actually be fatal. With the trend turning to more natural treatments the use of vitamins and/or herbal supplements are considered. Those who choose herbal supplements must consult their doctor if they are taking any prescriptions for other conditions, as the herbs can affect their effectiveness.

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