Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Cure For Tiredness - Brain Entrainment With A Binaural Beats Download

The aim of this article is to explain how brain entrainment with a binaural beats download can be an effective cure for tiredness.

Tiredness is a common problem within today's society, where physical and mental exertions can have a debilitating effect on the individual. Not surprisingly, this ailment is most frequently experienced by those in full-time employment. By the time they arrive at work, they are physically exhausted by the journey, and the only thing on their mind is to either procrastinate or acquire a quick fix of coffee.


The symptoms of tiredness include depression, cognitive difficulties such as decision making and poor concentration, a lack of motivation, and daytime fatigue. If you experience these symptoms on a frequent basis, it is important to clarify whether they are a result of physical or mental stresses. Statistics show that around eighty in one-hundred people will have a cause centered in their emotional state, whilst ten in on-hundred will have a physical disease.

Physical Causes

Physical causes include chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia (iron deficency), hyperthyroidism (over reactive thyroid gland), hypothyroidism (under reactive thyroid gland) and fibromyalgia, a musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder.

Another physical cause is obesity, where the body is forced to work harder than normal. A vicious cycle commences when the individual is too tired to lose weight, thus worsening the condition. Likewise, undernutrition can deplete the muscles of energy, and this again has the effect of discouraging physical activity.

Insomnia is a condition characterised by an inability to sleep, and affects over 50 million people in the West. This can be incredibly discouraging, as they are forced to work through each day with a feeling of extreme fatigue and low vitality. As you will see below, this condition is often tied in to an emotional cause, though this is not always the case.

Emotional Causes

Worry and stress are emotions which exacerbate feelings of tiredness. If these emotions become a common occurrence; i.e., stressful scenarios within the workplace; the immediate, short term effects of irritability and frustration eventually lead to tiredness, which is also caused by stressful situations such as financial woes, family troubles and bereavements.

Mental health must also be considered under this category. Social anxiety or manic-depression, for example, can leave one with a feeling of emptiness and low vitality.

These emotional causes can be tied into the aforementioned problem of insomnia, as a mind ill at ease is more likely to find it difficult to attain sufficient sleep at night.

Brain Entrainment

Assuming all physical conditions have been ruled out, we can now discuss an effective form of therapy which is currently gaining rapid momentum within the self help industry. Brain Entrainment is a process in which the electromagnetic activity of the brain is modified to mirror a frequency conductive to a particular state. For example, the brain frequency of a person in deep, dreamless sleep would be approximately -4Hz. This delta-wave frequency can be experienced through a binaural beats download, and is ideal for getting to sleep quickly, thus ensuring a decent night's sleep before the next working day.

Taking into consideration the various factors which cause tiredness, brain entrainment can cater to each of these with intricate variations of the binaural beat induced frequencies. Therefore, if a stressful situation gives rise to an erratic brain pattern within the gamma frequency range of +40Hz, it is logical that a lower frequency, i.e. the alpha range of 7-13 Hz, would produce a state conductive to calmness and relaxation. The same practice can be applied to fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other factors contributing to tiredness and fatigue.

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