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Adrenal Fatigue Testing

Exhaustion and weariness is one of the popular and the most frequent rants among all the adult patients. If you have the symptoms such as the following: tiredness, frequent influenza, fearfulness, allergies, arthritis, anxiety, depression, reduced memory and difficulties in concentrating on one topic, insomnia maybe, or the fact that you are always worn-out, you could very well be suffering from a the infamous case of adrenal fatigue.

The General Symptoms

The Adrenal fatigue has a wide variety of non-specific yet often unbearable symptoms. The beginning of this disease is often sluggish and sinister. Patients are told and often forced to believe that they are stressed and need to learn to just relax more. Indeed, it is a known knowledge that stress kills to a great extent.

But, the ultimate question is how does it kill? And, what are the solutions offered to address it? Allergy and sensitivities to dietary or ecological substances can act as a body weight that contributes eventually to the Adrenal Fatigue.

It is very important to do away with or reduce the end product of these so that we can restore a healthy adrenal function. The lab tests listed on this page may help you determine the following tests can tell you if you have adrenal fatigue or not.

Gastro Test

Gastrointestinal test is excellent for people suffering from upset stomach, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, along with irritable bowel syndrome. This test is especially made for detrimental pathogens such as yeast, parasites, worms and bacteria. It also tests for small intestinal and colon inflammation, pancreatic enzyme production, and food intolerances to soy, dairy, egg and gluten, which are all upsetting to your stomach.

Hair Analysis Testing.

This can tell you which are the minerals and vitamins your body really needs at the moment. Not only that but also this test may also tell you if you have toxic metals such as aluminum, lead, copper, or mercury. This is a helpful test for people with anxiety problems, ADHD, seizures, panic attacks, hyperactivity, sleep problems, even people working in the area of toxic metals, or those who simply want to know what minerals and vitamins does their body needs.

Environmental Testing

The test is called the test for environmental allergy test. It is a sensitive blood test that somewhat precisely detects direct hypersensitivity/allergy reactions to environmental allergens that take place in just minutes up to a few hours after your exposure. However, this does not involve any skin testing. There are no unfavorable reactions since the test is done to your blood.

Food Testing

This test is called Food allergy test. It is a series of sensitive blood tests which correctly perceives instant and delayed hypersensitivity/allergy reaction to food. The delayed reactions can happen within 12 hours to weeks subsequent to exposure. It's often the deferred type of reaction which is tough to take down for the reason that symptoms might not appear until a couple of hours or days after you've eaten the substance that you are allergic to. This kind of food allergy test is the only one that could give you this kind of information.

The ELISA/ACT LRA can gauge sensitivities to molds, medicines, additives, preservatives, spices, condiments and herbs as well as many other edible foods. A diverse combination of tests is available, enabling you to decide as few as forty food items or maybe as many as two hundred plus.

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