Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression is the term commonly used to describe emotional changes or it is a mental illness related to body, thoughts, and minds. There are some warning signs of depression and tips that can be used to deal with someone who is depressed. The depression symptoms enlisted below.

Warning signs of depression

Warning signs of depression depends on the age and various other factors. The warning signs of depression for children, teenagers, and adults are different.

Low self esteem: A depressed person always feels that he/she is worthless and is obsessed with a guilt feeling. They mostly have an unclear outlook towards reality. They often criticize themselves and also think about committing suicide and ending this worthless life.

Alterations in energy levels: They also face alterations in energy levels such as sometimes they become inactive or frustrated and angry. They experience difficulty in making decisions, have faulty memory, and less concentration.

Psychotic symptoms: People with serious depression may sometimes have hallucinations or delusions. Such people should be hospitalized.

Changes in food habits and sleep: There are many changes in the food habits. They may lack appetite or sometimes have an increased feeling of hunger. There may be disturbances in the sleep patterns of such person as well. They may either tend to oversleep or sleep for a shorter duration.

Apart from these other warning signs include:

Weight Loss
Suicidal tendency
Lack of interest in social activities
Frequently feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, and worried

How to deal with Depression

The first and foremost thing required for helping someone who is fighting depression is to collect information about depression. It should include information such as what exactly is depression, its warning signs, and depression treatment

Once you have a brief idea about depression disability, only then you would be able to track the problem of your loved ones, depression causes, and the right treatment required for the depression. There are a large number reliable resources available such as the Internet, health magazines, and journals where you can find such information

Know the facts and misconceptions about depression and try to think about the affected person i.e. how the person feels in that situation. This would help you to know the problem in a better way and also help you to handle it properly

Avoid getting annoyed, frustrated, and upset on the depressed person. It would have a negative impact on him/her

Take proper care of yourself and discuss the situation. Vent your anger with a close relative or a friend

Give a patient hearing to the depressed person's problems or emotional break outs. Share with them information and facts about depression and make them understand that they can come out of it. They may have a low self esteem about themselves. Explain to them that they are not weak or useless

They would normally do all their regular chores and activities. They might get angry and refuse to do certain other things. This doesn't mean that the person doesn't love you anymore. Don't pressurize them to do anything they don't want to do

Giving the right medicines and treatment is the most crucial task to be considered while dealing with a depressed person. Take out the fears of the depressed person about the treatment, make them aware that they are not mad, and the problem will be soon sought out

Help them to cope with depression and give them assurances in a suitable form they accept. Refer to online sites and collect information about the ways to cope up suicidal tendencies. Try to bring them out of these suicidal tendencies

Make them feel that you are not frustrated or angry with them. Give them unconditional love and a feeling of belongingness

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