Saturday, April 13, 2013

Depression - Common Causes of a Depressed State of Mind

Depression is related to changes in the state of mind. The physical changes in brain result in the alteration of chemical substances that carry signals to brain and nerves. Some of the common causes of a depressed state of mind are:

• Genes play a vital role and an important part of depresssion. If individuals have a family history for depression, they have higher probability to get the same. It can run in the genes for many generations to come.

• Stress is the number one factor which causes depression. The individuals might have varying problems such as financial pressure, break up of a relationship or the loss of loved ones and it can be anything. However, if there are any changes in such relationship, it definitely leads to a depressed state.

• Traumatic conditions and sudden accidents can also cause severe depression. The aftermatch of accidents can have such an impact on the individuals.

• People those who are low in confidence and have a pessimistic approach in life are vulnerable to depression. This state is actually caused by low level depression.

• Serious medical illness and the resulting financial pressure can also lead to depression. Added to the fuel, depression will make the medical conditions of the individuals to become worse. It will weaken the immune system of the body.

• Some individuals might have anxiety disorders which might trigger depression.

• Drug abuses also cause depression for some people. Those who are addicted to drugs cannot live without the substance. This will worsen the effects.

• Depression is likely to occur with certain medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, cancer. This is considered to be clinical depression.

• Living alone and an isolated state from the society can also be one of the common causes of depression.

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