Thursday, April 11, 2013

Combat Depression To Save Your Marriage

Depression has many implications and it is one of the silent "killer" of marriage. Many would have thought of infidelity as the chief reason for divorces but it never occurred to many that it could be depression in one or both of the spouses. In order to save your marriage from depression, there are a few steps that you can take.

The first step is to recognise the signs of depression when it happens. There is no one definitive definition. It has been variously describes as a sort of feeling where people are sad or feel empty and apathetic towards everything in their life.

Below is a list of some common signs that may imply depression

1. Don't feel like living anymore. Life seems to be meaningless and cannot find any joy in anything.

2. Lose appetite or eat a lot.

3. Cannot sleep or sleep a lot

4. Not interested in daily activities and previous hobbies. This include work, family, sex, shopping.

5. Very moody and easily upset and angry. Have very low tolerance level.

6. Can't focus on what you are doing.

7. Feeling lethargic and easily tired regardless of how small the task is at hand.

Depression doesn't mean the end of everything. You can help yourself and those who have it. If you found the above signs, one way or another it affects your marriage. Now is the time to act to save your marriage (and also yourself or your spouse) before it gets any worse.

Seek Help

If you or your spouse has some of the signs and it is prolonged, it is better to ask for help from a qualified person. This is important as you will know whether your suspicion is true or there are other medical issues that are causing this. At times it takes the spouse to help arrange things as the person who is depressed may be too caught up in their feelings to even feel like seeking for help.


For those who are seriously affected by medical doctor or psychologist to be depressed, taking antidepressents can help. This have to be prescribed by the doctor. Ask about the pros and cons of the antidepressants and make the appropriate decision. When it is given, it is critical to follow the dosage and timing. Medication does not cure depression, they only provide some relief. As such it has to be applied together with other methods.

Manage Stress

Stress is one of the main causes of depression. Unfortunately society move so fast today. It is a boon and a curse as well. Just a few decades ago, there is no internet and no mobile phones. Inconvenient? Maybe, but people have more time for themselves. Now we are constantly bombarded and there is no reason not to receive office calls even after work.

Get some time off by practising relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, time just to be quiet like walking in the park or just sitting by the beach and watching the waves. Allocate at least 15 minutes per day for this or even more if time permits.

Another good way is to exercise regularly. Study has shown that exercise will help your body to release a hormone call serotonin. This hormone is in charge of our moods. When you exercise, serotonin is secreted by the body and helps to boost your spirit.

Socialize and meet up with your friends or loved ones on regular basis. Having social support is very important for us. I always feel so much better after talking about my problems with my best friend, even though she doesn't do anything much and just listen and nod. Telling others help release all the pent up emotions.

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