Friday, March 22, 2013

What Are the Symptoms to Be Watched for to Determine If You Are Suffering From Depression?

"I'm depressed." Does this statement sound familiar to you?

The word "depressed" became the generic term used by people in the society referring to their feelings when they are upset or sad. However, the symptoms of depression are more serious than merely feeling blue. In fact, depression can intensely impair the daily functions of an individual affecting the physical, emotional and mental aspect of the person. Worst of all, depression is indeed fatal.

The following questions may serve as guide to determine whether you are really suffering from depression. An affirmative answer to every question is equivalent to one positive symptom of depression.

Have you unintentionally lose or gain at least 5% of your weight?

A depressed individual may experience alteration in his/her eating pattern. The person may immensely lose appetite. Thus, a sudden decrease in his/her body weight would be evident. Otherwise, a depressed person may overeat as well. Overeating becomes his/her coping mechanism towards stressful situations.

Are you experiencing insomnia or hypersomnia?

Difficulty of sleeping or insomnia is one of the symptoms of depression. Usually, a depressed person over thinks about the stressful situation or event, keeping him/her awake throughout sleeping hours. On the other hand, depression might also make the person over sleep during waking hours. This serves as the person's escape from facing the distress he/she is experiencing.

Are you always feeling tired or fatigued?

People suffering from depression always feel tired or fatigued in any activities including those which they previously enjoy. They have lack of motivation or energy to socialize and even perform their favourite leisure pursuit.

Are you feeling worthless or excessively guilty about something?

Depressed persons generally feel that they are insignificant to others. They feel worthless and useless. They feel guilty about all the misfortunes in life they are experiencing. They keep on blaming themselves for everything.

Are you having difficulty concentrating, making decisions or remembering details?

Depression usually makes a person preoccupied with the distressing situation. As a result, the person would experience impairment in decision-making and remembering details. In like manner, a depressed person loses focus on whatever he/she does.

Are you having suicidal thoughts?

Having suicidal thoughts is the most dangerous aspect of depression. If this symptom would not be cleared out from the system of the depressed person, there is a very high percentage that the person might end up committing suicide.

If your answer is yes to at least more than one of the questions above, you might really be experiencing depression. To top it all, you must be suffering from the symptoms about two weeks or more to confirm that you are really depressed.

However, the most authorized person to diagnose depression are professionals on the medical field or mental health experts. Therefore, depression is not an illness anyone can just claim any moment when someone is experiencing the symptoms discussed earlier. On the other hand, every person troubled by the aforementioned symptoms must really seek for medical attention. Besides, there is nothing erroneous with being cautious about one's health.

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