Monday, March 18, 2013

Depression Symptoms and Treatment

Depression Description

Now a days many people are experiencing a common health problem Depression and many other disorders caused by it in their daily lives. Most of the people do not know the cause of disorder they face till they get diagnosed and find it as the depression symptoms. We can assume around 3 out of 10 people will experience this problem in their lives at some point. The causes of this disorder is still a question to many doctors even today, just what they can suggest is to observe all the symptoms and get the treatment for the disorder before it causes severe problems in your daily life. Depression disorder causes severe stress and anxiety and makes life horrible. It makes people lose their mental ability and makes them think in a complete negative way. The negative thoughts start eating away your brain and slowly cause major problems and leads to personality disorders. Most of the people never concern about these negative thoughts because they are not aware of the symptoms of depression which are carrying them towards the serious mental illness (Schizophrenia).

Causes of Depression

Mentally disturbed due to some kind of physical or emotional abuse can cause depression in life. This may result from many causes like conflicts in the family, friends etc or any sudden death or loss of loved ones may cause grief which later turns into depression. One important thing about this disorder is, this passes genetically from one generation to another and has the highest risk of getting the disorder. Some kind of serious illness also sometimes causes depression. Excessive pressure on mind it may be a parental pressure or work pressure can cause this.

Most common types of depression observed these days are childhood depression, teenage depression, adult depression, clinical depression, reactive depression, chronic depression, mental depression, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder and neurotic depression, psychotic or psychological depression and has many other names basing on the seriousness of the disorder. Almost all these have the same symptoms except the root cause differs in each case.

Depression signs and symptoms

The child, teenage and adult depression symptoms are almost the same except the behavioral aspects differ in those ages. Children are not able to express what they are feeling; the most common signs of depressed children will be sadness, fearful appearance, shyness, irritability. Sometimes some physical symptoms which cannot be explained can also be observed like headache, stomach ache, wetting the bed, unable to sleep and getting nightmares. The teen and adult symptoms has to be considered very seriously as they may create severe consequences in their lives leading them towards drug addiction, attempting suicide etc. These adolescents suffer from serious panic disorder, eating disorders and have the tendency towards violence and suicide and try to be isolated from others.

Clinical depression (major depressive disorder) symptoms can be explained as these people loses their energy levels at the work place and feels low esteemed and loses interest on things gradually making them isolated from all the enjoyments and pleasures they used to have before. All the other types also come under this clinical depression.

Chronic Depression (Dysthymia) is less severe from the other types. People suffering with dysthymia act not so abnormal but they just feel consistently unhappy compared to others.

Postpartum depression is only seen in women mostly after giving birth to their baby and less slightly in men. These symptoms are seen from first few months after the baby born to some months even up to a year. The symptoms include sadness, changes in eating and sleeping timetables, anxiety and irritability in the new mother or father.

Whether the depression disorder may be major or mild disorders both have almost the same symptoms but the grievance of the disorder varies. Most commonly seen depression symptoms can be noted as getting isolated from the outside world, feeling sad, getting irritated and short-tempered, changes in eating and sleeping timetables, getting nightmares, trying to indulge in cruel and violent activities, feeling hopeless and helpless, and the most important thing NEGATIVE THINKING "The King for all sorrows".

Depression Treatment

This depression can be treated in two popular ways through medication and psychotherapy counseling. Although the later gives the best results without any side effects depending on the patients conditions.

There are a number of antidepressants available in the market to cure all kinds of disorders but the best way to treat depression is through counseling by a psychiatrist. Besides the treatment everyone should always be positive minded and should control their stress and anger through anger management and stress management. Try always to get rid of the pills which cause the main disease and follow natural treatment for depression and live a joyful life!

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