Friday, March 22, 2013

Depression - What You Must Know

There are many misconceptions about depression. Some of these include depression is a character flaw, it can be cured with drugs, it is life threatening condition, it is easily recognizable, it is caused by life choices, it is not a real illness or it is caused by negative thinking.

Symptoms are considered to be the illness and the real cause goes untreated and uncured. The lack of measurable symptoms makes the curing process almost impossible to complete.

The most dangerous misconception is that depression should and can be treated with legal mood alternating drugs. The fact that modern medical has eliminated some diseases, which have been killing us for years, has giving us the feeling we can solve all of our health problem with a pill. This is very dangerous because of the side effect of these drugs and the fact that the mood alternating drugs do not cure but only mask the illness and you remain sick. Of course there are good drugs, if a drug improves you quality of life by keeping you alive (like blood pressure meds), it may be worth the risk of the side effects.

The side effects of these Doctor prescribed mood alternating drugs, not the depression, can kill you. Depression does not cause death. Do we gamble that we will be one of the lucky ones who do not suffer the deadly side effect of these powerful drugs.

The test to determine if this illness is life threatening is to ask yourself, will not treating this illness cause the body to stop working or cause death.

The cause of depression is not a illness, but a shortage of nutritional ingredients, which the body uses to make neurotransmitters. These are chemical messengers used by neuron (nerve cells) to communicate in the brain. This shortage of neurotransmitters causes communication to be unclear and mis-understood. These confusing responses shows up as symptoms of depression.

Depression is caused by our 24/7 stressful life style, plentiful (but depleted of many usable nutrition) food supply and the food processing and cooking system.

The solution to depression is to give the body what it needs to correctly function. And the fastest and easiest way is to add a nutritional supplement developed to give the body what it need to produce neurotransmitters for the brain to function normally.

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