Monday, March 18, 2013

3 Symptoms of Major Depression

How does major depression differ from depression? Major depression is classified as a person having 5 or more symptoms of depression in 2 weeks. This is accompanied by changes in sleeping or eating habits. For the three symptoms read further.

If symptoms are exhibited there are screening tests that can be done to further conclude the diagnosis of Major Depression. Nobody is immune from this, but it is reported that women are more prone to get this form of depression compared to men.

Three symptoms to watch for are

  1. Fatigue or Lack of Energy.

  2. Trouble sleeping or the opposite to much sleep.

  3. Withdrawn, remove themselves from social activities they otherwise would attend.

There is no need to expand on these symptoms, they are self explanatory. The causes can be anywhere from a small incident that triggers an extreme response up to a chemical imbalance that triggers extreme emotional behavior. In either case this is a very serious condition that requires attention.

The most extreme way of relief is suicide. As we know many people with depression have taken this route. Pills and drugs can temporarily calm a situation like this down, but long term the drugs can actually be more harmful. To further complicate the matter the health plans of today are trimming back benefits. They are also overloaded and can't always give the individual the care needed for a depressive condition.

If you rule out a chemical imbalance for the cause then you can look at the emotional side. Somewhere HOPE was lost in the persons mind. Depression and hope are opposites. Filling the gap when someone losses hope is depression. The longer this condition is allowed to go on the deeper the roots go.

It is imperative to attack this as early as possible.

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