Saturday, March 23, 2013

Depression Test - Are You Depressed?

If you feel like you could be suffering from depression, it may be a good idea to take a depression test. This depression test is not definitive and can not diagnose depression, but if any test symptoms relate to you, you should investigate further and seek help from a professional. Read on to take the depression test now...

  • Part 1) Your mood. Do you... Feel sad? Feel Irritable? Have a lack of self worth and self hate? Feel as though there's no point to life? Fact: Did you know that genetics play an important part in depression. After you have completed the depression test check to see if anyone else in your family suffers from depression. Suggestions: Did you know that exercise is a great way to lighten your mood. Make sure you exercise regularly, this could range from a long walk in the country to an hours workout in the gym.

  • Part 2) Your physical state/health. Have the following things changed... Your apatite, has it increased/decreased? Your sleeping pattern, has it changed drastically are you sleeping more or less than normal? Are you less energetic, do you feel fatigued? Fact: Breaks up, financial problems, and big changes in your life can all bring on depression. Suggestions: Take it easy. Try not to pile too much onto your plate at once, and make sure you don't change too many things in your life at once.

  • Part 3) Your social interaction. Do you... Find it hard to concentrate? Find it hard to make important decisions? Feel like you don't want to leave the house? Feel like you have withdrawn from your normal life? Fact: If you suffer from an existing medical condition it may be contributing to your depression. In addition, if you're severely depressed this may contribute to any illness that may already have. Suggestions: Once you have taken this depression test you should see your doctor and discuss the results and your depression. If depression goes untreated it can worsen.

  • Part 4) Your emotional state. Do you... Feel like you have lost interest in life? Have feelings of guilt? Feel like life is passing you by? Have suicidal thoughts? Fact: Most people with depression never seek help. As soon as you have taken this depression test get some help. Suggestions: If you take just one positive step towards getting help you will start to feel a whole lot better.

Depression test results: If you feel like some of the statements in the depression test relate to you and the way you are feeling at the moment, you may be suffering from depression. Make you you seek professional help and get a diagnosis. If you would like some further information on depression and depression tests some more help click on the links below.

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