Monday, March 18, 2013

Depression Test - Is There A Reliable One?

Each year, millions of people are affected by depression at one point or even several points during their lives, often with detrimental effects. Depression is a psychological disorder that is so common in our lives that it has been named the common cold of mental illness. According to estimates from the National Institute of Mental Health, about 10% of the U.S. population is suffering from a certain depression disorder at any particular time. Taking a depression test is a sure way of not only getting to know whether you are suffering from depression, but also dealing with the condition.

Surprisingly, as much as the rate of people getting affected by depression is high, the cure rate for the psychological disorder is similarly high. There are various effective interventions to help affected people regain control of their lives. However, the tragic news is that a very significant number of individuals who are suffering from the condition are not aware that they are suffering from depression.

In fact majority of the affected people do not go for diagnosis as well as seek diagnosis. In addition, most people do not know where to begin, and a self-test is one of the simple ways you can get a depression diagnosis for the condition without going to your doctor. A depression test is an effective tool which may be used to help in determining if you have symptoms of depression, and eventually seek help. However, it is important to take note of the fact that only a qualified and licensed mental health professional is able to undertake a depression diagnosis.

There are several types of depression, and the psychological disorder is classified in several ways, and there are several tests that are conducted to diagnose each type. Most tests for depression are designed to diagnose cases such as major depression, dysthymia or otherwise known as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, and cyclothymia or otherwise known as mild bipolar disorder, as well as SAD or seasonal affective disorder.

Each one of these depressive disorders presents a variety of symptoms and each one of them represents a specific diagnostic procedure. In order for you to gain a more in-depth insight into each of the different types of depression, you need to take one test and examine the results. It is also worthwhile to note that there are other varieties of depression do not have a particular test for diagnosing the condition.

To sum it up, it is a widely-known fact that at a certain moment in our lives, every person gets to a point where they feel that they are depressed or in the dumps. However, if you feel that life is constantly making you feel that you are down, and the lows make you feel as if you cannot function normally, then you may be suffering from a certain form of depression. In order to establish whether the emotional slumps you are experiencing are serious, you need to take a depression test. The test is not only designed to establish whether you are currently suffering from depression, but also designed to determine if you may be at risk of experiencing depression.

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