Thursday, June 12, 2014

Strange Insomnia Depression - Understanding the Link Between Insomnia and Mood Swings

Have you experienced that ever-changing mood at the office throughout the day, and finding it hard to find sleep at night? Well you should not be surprised about the connection between sleep, depression and the change in mood since these things are often inter-linked with one another. In fact some doctors are saying that problems sleeping and a form of depression are linked with each other and these things all contribute to mood disorder. According to some researches, around 80 percent of depressed people also have trouble finding a good sleep at night.

With this in mind, you can really say that a depressed person will likely develop insomnia and someone who has insomnia has a higher chance of getting depressed thus his mood may change any time, any day.

Insomnia as sign of depression

This is true they say since the insomnia is referred as a major symptom of insomnia. And in the process, the insomnia and sleeping issues that can be experienced by the person will then lead to mood swings. And we all know what mood swings can do to the lifestyle of the person and his productivity.

There are a number of studies that have been made that correlated depression and insomnia. For example there is the study of Dr. Michael Perlis about the link between insomnia and depression. In his research, he found out that insomnia is an early sign of depression in a person. The researcher added that the trouble of the person finding sleep often proceeds moments of depression by around five weeks.

By some researches, it has been found out that the trouble sleep of one person will also bring in the depression and this depression that the person will experience will serve as the switch in the whole nervous system of the person and these events can lead to many depressive episodes. The effects on people with depression are not only at the surface, since the effect goes down deep. For example, the depressed person will not only wake up at night and have interrupted sleep but the whole make up of the sleep of the depressed person will be affected as well. You need to remember that a good night sleep for someone who is healthy is well-structured. For the depressed person with sleeping issues, the sleep patterns and the make-up of the sleep is shattered.

Normal sleep for non-depressed person as opposed to abnormal sleep

For the healthy person, his sleep will be marked with four or five cycles of sleep. The person's sleep will often cycle though periods of deepening, relaxing sleep and these are marked by the slow waves in the brain. Then the person will go directly go to dream sleep and this will be marked by great brain activity and the rapid eye movements.

But for the depressed people, there is a big shift in sleep activities. The depressed person directly goes into REM sleep. And according to some researchers, this is not a good thing.

In the simplest terms, depression and insomnia can be a bad mix that needs to be attended well.

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