Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heavy Cellphone Use Linked to Sleep Disorders Among Young People

In a research at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, it revealed that heavy cellphone and computer use among young people leads to sleep deprivation.

Aside from sleep deprivation, the researchers also found out that excessive cellphone use can be linked to mental health problems and stress.

According to one of the researchers, Sara Thomee of Sahlgrenska Acamdemy at the above-said university, public health advice should consequently include information on the healthy use of such hand held devices.

Thomee together with her research team conducted four separate researches. The studies aimed to investigate the correlation between computers and cell phones its impact on the health of young people.

During the study, the researchers gave questionnaires to 4,100 young people aging between 20 and 24. They also interviewed 32 heavy cell phone and computer users.

The researchers concluded that extreme use of cell phones and computers may be linked to sleep deprivation, stress and depressive symptoms. However, the researchers could not determine relationship. Therefore, it may be that people with depression or sleep disorders are simply more possibly to communicate to other people using cell phones and computers.

Further results of the research will be published in Thomee's upcoming thesis since she and her research team is still looking at the effects both in quantitative and qualitative aspects and then followed up the volunteers a year after.

The researchers showed for an example, that heavy cell phone use is linked with an increase in sleeping difficulties in men while an increase in depressive symptoms was found in both men and women.

Thomee added that those who has an easy access to cell phones, and other hand held devices to be stressful are most likely to report mental symptoms.

Meanwhile, heavy use of computers without breaks also increase the risk of stress, sleeping disorders and depressive symptoms in women, while men tend to develop more sleeping disorders.

Regular use of computer late at night comes not only with sleep disorders, but as well as with stress and depressive symptoms in both genders, according to Thomee.

A combination of heavy use of cell phone and computer strengthened the link. Therefore, researchers believed that public health ads should advise young people on how to use properly use technology without risking health.

Proper use of technology includes taking rest breaks, taking time to recover after extensive use, and most importantly, putting limits on your availability, explained Thomee.

If only people would observe proper use of technology like cell phones, computers and other hand-held devices, sleep disorders could be avoided. People do not have to take any sleep aids to help them get sleep. Moreover, serious mental health problems and stress could be avoided as well, meaning a healthy lifestyle had just opened its door for you.

Nowadays, people are getting hooked to latest technology devices. Living a healthy lifestyle keeps off people from illness and diseases. Therefore, don't rely too much devices provided by today's modern technology.

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