Friday, June 13, 2014

Regain Your Life After Depression - The Emotional SOS Approach

What is Depression?

Depression is a condition that can affect anyone, of any age. It can affect a person regardless of their circumstances or life experiences. In fact, one in five people will suffer depression at some point in their lives. It can be brought on by a number of mental and physical factors. Often it is hereditary, or brought on by hormones in the body. Sometimes if a person is not receiving adequate nutrition they may become depressed.

Stress is another known factor as well as drugs alcohol. Studies have also shown that many sufferers of depression have long term sleeping difficulties. Psychological causes of depression due to personal circumstances are very common. For example if someone loses a child or someone related or close to them it can often trigger depression. Other social impacts such as status or reputation can also have an impact on a person's self esteem or create additional stress which can lead to symptoms of depression.

Why do people suffer depression?

Unfortunately, unlike most medical conditions, it is extremely difficult to determine why a person suffers depression and when it started. Many sufferers tend to isolate themselves from social environments or hide their feelings from family and friends. Doctors believe some people are more susceptible than others and their depression can be triggered a lot easier. The symptoms of depression tend to vary between people depending on their personalities and method of coping. A person suffering depression is seen to be experiencing sadness helplessness and hopelessness. These people normally come across as pessimistic and have low self esteem. It can deplete motivation even to the point where the sufferer may not be able to get out of bed.

Some turn to drugs and alcohol?

People can deal with depression in several ways often depending on their personality. Some people suffer low self esteem in conjunction with depression which makes it harder to deal with. These people put themselves down and fail to see and positives which can cause their depression to become even worse. Some people will become angry and antisocial, isolating themselves from their support which can often have a negative effect. Many people, more commonly teenagers and young adults are known to turn to drugs and alcohol. This often exacerbates the situation. These substances are unhealthy and can have mental effects that can exponentially increase the effects of their condition.

Unfortunately, depression not only makes the sufferer feel down and unhappy, it can also affect other areas of their life. Younger people tend drop their performance in school, others at work, and it can also have an impact on their relationships.

What are the treatments available?

There are treatments and method to suppress the symptoms of depression. These include short term cures such as anti depressant medication, or seeing a psychologist. Anti depressants cure the condition by changing the chemical balance in the brain to change the moods and feeling of the person. Unfortunately this treatment cannot be used long term and is only effective in fifty percent of cases.

Diet and exercise can have an effect. Many sufferer's have reported significant changes in their condition just by eating healthier and exercising more often. Cognitive behavior therapy is used to give a person tools to cope with times when they feel depressed or to avoid getting into these situations. The benefits of this approach are that the results can last a lifetime. However it often suggested by doctors that sufferers take part in these treatments simultaneously for maximum results.

How Damian cured his depression.

Damian suffered from Depression for over 15 years and is now cured. He spent these years researching the condition and developed numerous steps to find his way out. His preference was to regain his life without taking anti-depressants. So he created a plan for his day to day activities and began to put that plan into action. Over time the clouds of depression began to lift and this helped him to see the world more clearly. This clarity led to refinements to his plan and eventually to his cure.

Damian provides visitors to his website with a free booklet to explain some of the steps he took. You can find this by clicking the links below this article.


Damian found a way to cure his depression without taking anti-depressants. He does not advocate his methods as a solution for everyone but he does believe that his approach helps people to better understand why they have the condition. This is important because Damian believes that when people understand what is happening to them and why, they are then better equipped to deal with the condition and to find a way out.

Emotional SOS helped Damian to get his life back. It may work for others too.

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