Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Important: Does Male Depression Cause A Man To Fall Out of Love?

Depression does not choose any gender. Although, depression is more prevalent in women, men also experience depressive behavior and have higher risk of suicide. Many men prefer to ignore the symptoms and refuse to participate in any treatment method. This could just lead to more serious consequences.

Depression on males may have different signs and symptoms compared to women. There are different factors on which there is such difference, like hormones, socio-cultural factors, and even chemicals.

Some of the signs and symptoms of depression on men is tending to spend more time on extreme sports and work to escape their feelings. Aside from extreme sports, depressed men engage in unhealthy activities like infidelity and unhealthy sexual encounters. Men also tend to be more controlling, violent, aggressive and would often lead to abusive behavior.

Men would also often complain fatigue, tiredness and feeling physically drained. The number of suicide cases associated with depression have higher number of males. This is why it is important for males to understand their problem and get treatment.

Usually, men refuse to recognize the signs and symptoms and depression. They would also show reluctance to discuss the problem. Men try to control expression of their feelings or emotions, because that is the "manly" thing to do.

Because men fail to recognize or admit depression early on, this affects their relationship with friends, family and with their partner. When a person is depressed, then would usually question their self-worth, thinking that they are useless, helpless and hopeless. However, these feelings are not verbally expressed. They are often exhibited on escapism and violence or aggressiveness.

For men in intimate relationships, this will appear as if they are "falling out of love" with their partners, when it fact is a manifestation of a behavior disorder. Depressed men can engage in extra-marital affairs and can lead to the end of a relationship, which is why it is important to address depression early.

It is important to get help when you need it, even it is difficult for a man to do that. Admitting that you have a depression is not a sign of weakness. Often, you may downplay your symptoms, but without any treatment, the symptoms will not go away.

There are different treatment options, not only taking medications. However, doctors would often recommend psychological counseling and lifestyle changes to keep depression at bay for a long period of time.

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