Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dealing With Change in Life: 7 Reasons Why You Cannot Change

We all accept that we should change to catch the day. The world is changing faster than the day before. Dealing with change in life is vital for success. If you want a better life for yourself, you should learn how to deal with change.

I need to change my life, I want to change my life but I do not know how to deal with change.

These are the words more and more people use everyday. Most of us are aware of the need for a change. You think that you can change and you know how to deal with change. Unfortunately, when you need to take action, you feel like frozen. You hesitate and miss the chance to change.

You know the driving forces of change but somehow they are not strong enough to force you take action.

* Your expectations change
* Your desires change
* Your emotions change
* Your knowledge change
* Your goals change

These driving forces step on the gas but there are other forces which put the brakes on you.

If you can learn the forces which are holding you back from change, you can end these reasons and will not miss a chance ever again. Dealing with change in life is only possible if you can decrease the resisting forces.

7 Reasons why you cannot change your life

Admitting that you need to change your life is a powerful start for change. Now you need to discover the reasons why it is difficult for you to act.

  1. You get used to your life
    People can get used to everything in life and they are satisfied with it. This is a protection mechanism of the mind. Mind protects itself from depression and anxiety by this way. You can get used to any trouble, problem or any condition. The problem is, getting used to anything means being blind. You cannot perceive the problems as they are or you cannot even notice them.

  2. Justify Your Life
    Getting used to your life offers you a strong ability to justify your life. You can justify any problem and you cannot say "I need to change my life" anymore. All the problems fade away with your justification.

  3. Leaving the Comfort Zone
    You get used to your life, you justified every problem and now you are living in your comfort zone. You know what you can and cannot expect. Life is casual. There is nothing new, neither problems nor opportunities. You do not need to change your life because you feel comfortable with it.

  4. Fear of change
    Fear is the strongest emotion in any situation. You do not know how to deal with change and this is freaking you out. Dealing with change in life brings uncertainty and this means you cannot get ready for something you do not know. Worries about the change use all the power of your mind and you do not have much energy for dealing with change.

  5. Social Environment
    You want to spend time with the people who are like you. You share the same problems and you understand one another. You want to be a part of this social environment. There is nothing wrong with it unless they are holding you back from changing your life. You feel too comfortable with them that you do not want to waste your time and energy dealing with change.

  6. You do not have goals
    If you do not have goals, you should not worry about anything. You do not need to change anything unless you have goals. You will swing with the wind and accept everything what life brings. That is hopeless. You must think like that: "I want to change my life for better"

  7. You are not ready to change
    How can you be? There is no time to get ready for a change. Life is changing so fast that all you can do is to adapt to change. Your mind always find a way for dealing with change.

How to deal with change

Now you know the driving and resisting forces of change. That means you can control these forces. Dealing with change is; increasing the driving forces and decreasing the resisting forces. You have the control of resisting forces. You resist to change yourself although you think you want to change your life. So, you should start the change from inside. You can decrease the resisting forces if you can reach your subconscious with subliminal recordings, brainwave entrainment or affirmations. All of these techniques are great tools to help you overcome your limitations.

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