Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is the Main Cause of Depression for Men?

What is the main cause of depression for men? We know that men are much less likely to suffer from depression than women and for that reason, we often forget that men can suffer as well.

Depression in men, although less common, is still a major problem. Some signs of depression in men are similar to those in women and include withdrawal from the outside world, disinterest in formerly enjoyable activities, thoughts of suicide and sleep problems. Other symptoms more exclusive to men may include reckless behaviour such as speeding, taking drugs or other dangerous activities. Men are also more likely to indulge in alcohol, overwork and casual sex to try and relieve the depression.

Since depressed men are four times more likely to commit suicide, it's vital that we recognize the signs of depression in men. Often a wife or girlfriend will be the first to realize that her husband is depressed. By taking action immediately, tragic results can be avoided.

So, the question remains, what is the main cause of depression for men? The number of causes of depression in men is great, so it's difficult to determine the main cause. Many men are taught from a very young age to be the rock, strong and independent, and they tend to feel the burden of providing for a family more than the woman.

This over-developed sense of responsibility can lead to problems when a man loses his job or is incapacitated in some way. He is required to depend on others and can no longer support his family, making him feel useless and leading to depression.

If you ask a group therapists what is the main cause of depression for men, you will probably get a different answer from each one. But the overall gist can be used to get the answer to the question "what is the main cause of depression for men?" Stress on the job and at home. When a man feels he isn't measuring up to the standard of success he has set for himself or that others have set for him, he is likely to fall into a depression.

When asking what is the main cause of depression for men one must also take into consideration that each man is different in what level of stress he can handle. Men with a history of alcohol or drug abuse are likely to become depressed quicker than a man who has a clean history. Those with a family or personal history of depression are also at higher risk.

A supplement of ginkgo biloba or chamomile might also prove useful in easing the effects of stress on the average man, making him less susceptible to depression due to job or in the home stress and anxiety. Taking time to relax and enjoy life is another essential ingredient in the prevention of depression in men, as is the recognition of the signs of depression in men so that it can be treated early on.

Men do not deal with depression in the same way as women and it must be remembered that each gender has unique manners of handling stress. Finding a treatment for the stress will most likely result in a prevention of depression later on.

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