Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exercise Heals Depression and Stress

Why treat depression with antidepressants and other kind of medication when you can have better results by only exercising and performing regural physical activities? It's a fact that exercising solves various health related problems and also empowers your brain and your mental abilities. Thus helping you beat depressive emotions and stress.

I was passing by the APA's (American Psychology Association) website the other day and I came across various clinical studies mentioning that depression can be treated very effectively with regular exercise. In fact, these guys at APA recommend to all psychologists to put exercise in their top list and to recommend it to all their clients.

An interesting clinical study pointed out that not only exercise can beat severe depression, but it also helps stop depression from reappearing. The risk of depression and anxiety symptoms increases dramatically when people stop exercising. APA's Psychologists say that it doesn't really matter how much time you spend for exercise. What's really importand is that you exercise very regularly (e.g. once or twice a day).

Of course, people suffering from severe depression and anxiety should not just stop taking medicines or quit therapy and start exercising to cure their depression. But the benefits of exercising are enormous. According to the studies, if a person performs physical activities every day then the chances for the depressive symptoms to disappear are great.

But how can exercise beat depression?. You know that a lot of people pay a visit to the gym after a stressful day at work. Remember that rewarding and calming emotion after a good workout? I've felt it. I bet you've felt it too. Why is that happening? According to the researchers it's because exercise makes people happier and boosts their self-esteem. Now, if you're suffering from depression you definitely display lack of self-confidence and low levels of self-esteem. And that's where exercise really helps. By making you feel better for yourself and by giving you that feeling of accomplishment.

It's really simple if you think about it.

You don't need chemical antidepressants because regular exercise is your original, natural and effective antidepressant. The one that will relieve you from stress, anxiety and all depressive symptoms. Even if you suffer from severe depressive states you still have chances to beat depression only by exercising.

But there's a catch.

People tend to go too far with exercise and over perform. They become obsessive and exhausted. That's not a good thing when dealing with depression because you must always be strong enough to fight with yourself and your depressive symptoms. Exercise really drains your energy reserves and leaves you weak to face depression.

In order to survive this you have to be balanced. You have to take small steps one at a time. That's why it's importand to consult an expert before taking exercise to a point of self-abuse. Exercise does improve your mental health and can heal your depression but you have to do it right. And take it easy.

Let's go through some of the key benefits of exercise in the struggle against depression:

- Boosts your self esteem

- Eliminates sad feelings

- Promotes feelings of accomplishment

- Increases productivity

Consider the fact that 20 percent of the world's population suffers from various depressive states. Consider the fact that 50 percent of the world's population do not exercise at all. Most people suffering from depression are missing the number one natural and most effective antidepresant. Which is exercise.

Not to mention that exercise is also the cheapest antidepressant of all!

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