Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Male Depression and Its Symptoms

As some pessimistic philosophers say "We all are complex personalities with depressed souls". So the world is not only becoming complex day by day but also the vicious circle of depression is engulfing the minds of the people. A recent research highlighted that more than 100 million people are affected by this psychological syndrome worldwide. Well! I don't want to further depress you all with this depressing prelude, so without taking much of your precious time let us find out what are the symptoms of male depression!

As the name suggests, male depression is a mental disorder in men. It has been pointed out that out of the total suicide cases per year 80% are males. This statistics clears the picture of the gravity of this psychological stress among men. However, there are some signs that indicate whether a person is suffering from Depression. The common ones are:

1) Frequent Mood swings such as anger or sadness or violent behaviour

2) Excessive smoking or alcohol or drug abuse

3) Loss of interest in Sex as well as work

4) Over eating or loss of appetite resulting in either abnormal weight loss or weight gain.

5) Insomnia or change in sleeping patterns like waking up early in the morning and sleeping late at night or vice-a versa.

6) Isolation from friends and family

7) Irritability and frustration

8) Feeling of guilt and getting tensed without any reason

9) Feeling restlessness, hopelessness and worthlessness

10) Thoughts about committing suicide and death

11) Loss of concentration

12) Taking medication without prescription

13) Fatigue or Feeling tired all the time without any work and avoiding pleasurable activities

14) Preference to risk taking activities like extra marital affairs, driving recklessly and gambling

15) Looking 'lost' all the time or feeling low most of the time

If you observe any of the above 15 symptoms in your dear or near one, be it your husband, brother, father, friend, relative or any other male you know, then don't be late in taking an appointment with the doctor.

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