Saturday, February 22, 2014

Overcoming Clinical Depression - More Than Just Positive Thoughts

Clinical depression is a form of illness that affects us just like any other illness. It can't be cured simply by willing it, nor can it be cured by positive thoughts alone. Whilst creating and maintaining a positive attitude and outlook towards life is a crucial step in overcoming depression, it alone will not suffice.

Overcoming clinical depression involves a number of different factors, which must all be used in conjunction with one another. Of course one can take medication to help manage their clinical depression, but this won't serve as any long term cure. The true way of overcoming clinical depression involves changing the fundamental outlook you have towards life. This includes changing your general thought patterns, the attitude you have towards others and the way you analyze situations.

It's important to realize that the way you perceive yourself, and the way others perceive you, are often two completely different things. In fact, if you are suffering from clinical depression, you can almost be certain that they're two different things.

Someone with clinical depression is usually quicker to judge themselves, give themselves negative feedback, or believe that others think that they're somehow 'weird' or 'outside of the group'. In actual fact, these thought patterns are entirely incorrect, and need to be changed to realistic thought patterns.

Think for a moment, when was the last time you met a person that seemed like such an outsider that no one wanted to talk to them, such a weird person that they were hopeless at everything? Perhaps you can't think of anyone like this. That's because very few people, if any, are hopeless at everything. All of us have certain qualities, and if one group of people doesn't appreciate our qualities, then another group certainly will.

Did you know that we naturally get on well with 25% of people we meet? These 25% of people we can easily establish rapport with, make friends with, and usually have a lot in common with. If you find that the people around you are constantly judging you, or are looking down upon you as a laughing stock, then odds are you're associating yourself with the wrong crowd of people.

Overcoming clinical depression could be as simple as needing a change in your lifestyle. A different job, perhaps moving to a different location, even finding new friends. If you're not finding the 25% of people that you should naturally be getting on well with in your current lifestyle, then change it!

Introverted people get on well with other introverts, just like extroverted people get on well with fellow extroverts. If you're introverted, and your occupation is full of many extroverts, then it's no wonder you're feeling depressed! Change your environment. Find friends or an occupation that has fellow introverts, or vice versa depending upon your personality type.

Once you surround yourself with other like minded individuals that you get on well with, you won't feel that other people are judging you as much, which will lead to you experiencing less anxiety, less stress, and ultimately, less depression.

So to sum up, overcoming clinical depression isn't about forcing yourself to think positively. It's about changing your environment so that you can naturally develop positive thought patterns, without having to make much of a conscious effort. When you associate yourself with people you get on well with, and have a job that you enjoy, you'll begin to think of situations in a more positive and realistic manner, you'll find that your feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, stress, anger and lack of self esteem, will begin to vanish.

Whilst medication may help fight depression by allowing you to instantly achieve a relaxed state of mind, if you want to start overcoming clinical depression naturally, then start creating a more positive environment for yourself. Change your lifestyle, and your thought patterns will change too.

Don't worry about the odd person or two you can't get on well with, because there are plenty of other people out there that will respect you, and view you in high regard. In fact, they probably already exist in your life right now, you just need to realize who they are.

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