Sunday, February 16, 2014

Clinical Depression: Also an Inheritance

People not only inherit the colour of eyes or the skin tone or height from their parents but one can become heir to clinical depression as well. Researchers have proved that if somebody from the family suffers from such a mental disease, the probability is very high for someone from next-generation to also be affected with similar complications. The root cause of this disease is still away to be discovered but scientists have brought such the factors into light. Even it is also proved that chemical imbalances in brain can cause depressive disorder, manic depression and dysthymia. Such preposition is inherited in most of the cases.

Recent researches have proved that a person is prone to have 1.5 to 3 times more chances of developing stress and depression but which gene is specifically responsible for it is yet to be identified. This is the reason why it is still tough to say which gene is the culprit. But there is no controversy that hereditary cause clinical depression in most of the cases. This is a serious condition that can completely change the way how you feel, you think and you act. An individual suffering from this health complication can have a diverse change in the behavior. Usually, they start to become less interested in any kind of activities. Body, mood, thoughts - all can be changed for any individual.

Clinical depression is a serious mental illness that can last long for weeks, months or may be years. Even an individual's several kinds of habits including eating, feeling, and thinking can be changed. This is not easy to find out the exact cause. Suddenly one can find to be in very depressed mood. Not only for once but the person may suffer such consequences for several times. The person can tends to cry and feel sad very often. There is not such concrete reason behind such saddest feeling but this is very often for a person suffering from this chemical complication. In other words, this is the basic among all the other symptoms of depression. Along with it the person can feel a decrease in the feeling to be happy. The victim can show lethargy in most of the cases.

Suicidal tendency is the most common among such patients. They do not have the strength to fight against the grim reality. Regardless of age and gender, anyone can be affected with pain and depression. Social background also matters a little. A combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors can be blamed as the most responsible factor of such a mental complication. More dangerously, it can destroy a person' will power to be normal once again as this does not occur due to some personal weaknesses. This is the reason why people get confused on how to overcome depression. There are several therapies and medications available to treat such mental complication. Help is required from both medical and personal sphere to treat such a patient. With right treatment and very kind support from the family one can get rid of all such complication.

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