Monday, November 4, 2013

Relationship Depression and How to Deal With It

If your relationship is starting to exhibit signs of problems after you have been together for a while, you could very well show signs of depression. If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend you can develop relationship depression and also show signs after you have gotten back together.

Of course you will wonder why you are depressed when your supposed to be happy that you have reunited with your ex boyfriend. What it could be is the feelings you still have from the bad experience that led up to the break up, these feelings may take awhile to fade away.

You probably experienced some intense emotional times leading up to your break up but now that the two of you are back together and you still feel sad when you should be happy. Why is it you are still experiencing this relationship depression?

The reasons for the bad times you had are still fresh on your mind. If your boyfriend had cheated on you, your trust in him has been lost. Even though the two of you are back together you still have those feelings of him cheating that will not go away.

You probably think if he cheated once he could do it again which itself could lead you to depression worrying over it. If someone has hurt you it is not easy to stay with them wondering when something will happen again. His getting back with you has put you in a position of possibly being hurt again and it is eating away at you.

Let's say you cheated on your partner. If they forgave you the chance is you will feel guilty about what you did. In some cases this can lead to relationship depression. You realize how much they must love you to forgive you and how much you have hurt them.

Your partner will have lost their trust in you. You could feel like your partner is watching your every move and asking a lot of questions because they have not rebuilt their trust in yet. You may never cheat on someone again but this does not make it better, you can still be depressed thinking about how you hurt someone.

Whatever the reason is that you broke up with your boyfriend or was on the verge of it, your life had reached a new low when considering breaking up. This is a difficult situation for almost everybody and if you get back together you cold still worry about repeating that situation.

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