Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Help Motivate People With Depression - 3 Steps to Escaping From the Tunnel

Many people who suffer from mood swings and who are feeling down, often need motivation. How to help motivate these people is the aim of this article.

A pretty typical scenario is where a partner is either subject to mood swings or is just totally withdrawn. It sometimes seems that you are living on your own and anger, resentment and loneliness will probably make you depressed as well. It seems that there is no way out. So, how can you help motivate a person like this?

These depressed people need motivation because apathy and fatigue are major symptoms. Just by suggesting a visit to a professional for help may actually seem like a daunting task to a depressed person. After all, they are locked into a vicious circle of negativity and hopelessness and have self esteem which is at an all time low. This is not helped either by physical symptoms of pains and aches, because depression can manifest itself in very dramatic physical ways. That may convince the person he or she is really ill and they will sink further into a deeper depression.

The first step to help motivate a depressed person to actually do something is to gently persuade them that have a problem. If you can do that, you can build on ways of helping by giving practical support. That means helping him or her to find a suitable therapist or doctor and of course, accompanying them on the visit.

The second step is to offer love and support 24/7. It really seems a gigantic task when you have to be the loving, cheerful and patient partner while you may be met very often with hostile silence, anger, resentment and also hopelessness. It often seems that you are the one who will need motivation, just to keep going.

The third step is to be an active partner in the sense that you will always encourage some kind of pleasant activity and support them in making certain lifestyle changes which will help motivate both of you. Looking at exercise programs and doing them together are useful ways to bond. Taking part in therapy when necessary and helping him or her stick to the treatment are all useful ways you can help.

Depression should never be brushed under the carpet. The site below will give you some great ideas on how to help motivate each other and make positive lifestyle changes. The site also examines herbal remedies for depression as a valid and safer alternative.

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