Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Options For Natural Cures For Depression and Anxiety

Do you suffer from depression and anxiety? If you're a normal human being, chances are good that you experience some form of depression and anxiety at least once every couple of months. If your symptoms are troublesome to the point that they're hindering your ability to live your life, maybe it's time to consider natural cures for depression and anxiety.

Anxiety and depression can be the result of a number of things, of both an internal and external nature. Low-grade physical illness may include infections of a viral, bacterial or fungal nature, and can contribute to many different emotional and physical symptoms. A thorough physical examination may be a good place to start.

It's common with emotional issues like depression and anxiety to treat only the symptom. Popular SSRI prescription drugs are sometimes offered as a main treatment option. Natural cures for depression and anxiety, on the other hand, attempt to support the body's natural ability to rebalance itself. Practitioners of natural treatments focus on getting to the root of the problem through lifestyle and dietary evaluation.

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology may be the next wave of science and health in the decades to come. Energy psychology is a relatively new set of techniques that use Eastern approaches to the mind and body. There are many different forms of energy psychology, the most well-known being the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Practitioners claim that tapping acupuncture points while thinking about an anxiety-producing event can cure anxiety and phobias.

Research studies have confirmed positive results and many thousands of people claim to have benefited from energy psychology. It's safe, free of side effects and it may work for you, so it's at least worth your consideration.

Supplements and Herbal Remedies to Combat Depression

A couple of excellent dietary supplements as well as herbal remedies have been identified that help to combat anxiety and depression effectively. St John's wort is easily considered the most prescribed natural depression medication, with SAM-e nutrient on the number two spot.

D-Phenylalanine and 5 HTP, both amino acids as well as Omega 3 healthy fats, are all highly recommended supplements with benefits for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder sufferers.

Have you ever heard of the herb passionflower? Well, if you're a regular sufferer of anxiety or depression, its time to memorize the name. Passionflower is a great remedy for sleeplessness as well as anxiety, which frequently accompanies depression feelings.

Before opting for prescription drugs, make sure you're getting enough sleep at night (at least seven hours is "normal"). Also, be sure to get regular exercise, (outside in the fresh air is ideal), and that you're eating regular, balanced meals.

These would be the first natural cures for depression and anxiety to explore and the easiest to apply. Plus, gentle herbal remedies like St John's wort, lemon balm, passionflower and lavender can work well with these tactics.

It's essential to keep in mind that you first have to test and try the option before you will know if it will work for you. We are all unique individuals and that which works for one may not work for the other. In general, natural remedies and nutritional supplements are safe and have very few to no adverse side effects.

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