Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feeling Depressed? How to Fight the Gloom

The blues get the best of us, but do you allow it to overtake you? Sometimes things seem to go wrong repeatedly and then you start feeling depressed. If you leave things as they are depression can easily conquer your confidence and allow negative thoughts to run your life.

Give thanks.

Thank you are two very powerful words. Send thank you notes or say thank you to people who have made a difference in your life. Write down ten things that you are glad are in your life.

Change your focus.

Perhaps you are worried about your financial situation, a conflict with others, your lack of true friends or something else. Worrying about those does not help. If you focus on other things you might find solutions or something that can alleviate those situations.

Change your environment.

This can mean going for a walk, taking a drive or leaving where you are. You can also physically change your environment. If you are feeling stressed or depressed you might be surprised at how much change can help. Rearrange the lights, clean off your desk, remove unpleasant decorations. Add things that make you happy.

Get with others.

If you are feeling alone, getting with others can be a boost. If your friends are unavailable go to a place where people are naturally more causal. Attend church. Visit an entertainment center that has bowling, pool and other activities. Go to a park where people often are, you might strike up conversations with others, or just being in the company of others may make you feel lighter.


When you exercise you release endorphins that elevate your mood. It also helps you work out some of unused "fight or flight" energy that stress builds inside you. You get moving which circulates the blood reducing your mood of feeling depressed. You may even meet others to build up new friendships.

Add nature.

Play with your pets if you have them. Ask to walk a friend's dogs. Go to a natural park. Visit a park with a pond and feed the ducks. Animals are not worried about bills, fights or feeling depressed. Even if they fight they are over it quickly. Nature has a way of healing.

What makes you laugh?

Watch a movie that you makes you laugh. Go online and watch a comedy show that gives you the giggles. Call your friend with the great sense of humor. Add laughter and your depression and gloom may fade. Laughter will bring a big boost to your day.

Ask yourself what do you need to fight the depression.

You often have the answer inside your heart if you reflect on it. It may be one of the methods here. Maybe it will be something else. You can pick and choose, use one or several. The thing is to make your mood a little lighter. Then repeat, do something else to elevate your mood a bit more. Each thing you try can help you until you no longer feel depressed and instead feel happy.

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