Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can You Pull Yourself Out of Clinical Depression?

Have you been feeling very low lately or reluctant to do usual tasks, or even suddenly hate doing them? Have you been feeling listless and have lost your drive without knowing the reason for these sudden changes? Then you could be suffering from depression.

The first thing you should do in such a condition is to get yourself checked up by an experienced professional. This will help you ascertain your condition so that you can proceed towards the right treatment if it is necessary. Timely diagnosis and a good and well administered treatment will cure you easily provided you have the right attitude.

The following types of depression will help you better analyze which one you are suffering from:

Manic or Bipolar - This usually involves an abrupt change in one's metal disposition. An example can be moving from feelings of peace and joy to those of extreme cynicism.

Postpartum depression - This usually affects mothers who are either expecting or have just given birth. The mother suddenly feels overwhelmed and unable to cope with the extra baggage and may even disown the baby.

Cyclothemia depression - Most people who live stressful lives with little rest or social life usually suffer from this type of depression. Actors, politicians, students on the verge of a major exam and even some parents who have many kids can succumb to it.

Dysthimia type of depression - This type is moderate. Sometimes people may not even know that they have this type of depression although it should be treated quickly nonetheless.

Seasonal - People who suffer from this type of depression are usually fine until certain times of the year. For instance they may be fine during the summer but cave into depression during the winter season. During this time, feelings of optimism may give way to pessimism and unexplained mood swings.

It is recommended that you seek professional help if you begin to suspect that you have depression. But is it possible to actually do it on your own?

The treatment for depression is a slow process. The saying "slowly but surely" is perfectly applicable in this situation. Seeing a therapist can be a good step towards getting yourself out of depression. It is also recommended that one have a strong support group. A person suffering from depression always needs people around him who can provide that emotional support and give him confidence to overcome depression.

It should be understood that the treatment for depression cannot be concluded in a short period of time. It takes a prolonged period of time and continued effort to overcome this problem. It is always better to assign short term goals for yourself and try to reach them in the stipulated time. The treatment needs to be taken step by step and people near the patient need to be a source of constant motivation. The loved ones should understand the patient's situation and give him time to recuperate. In addition to the above, the patient himself needs to be a source of depression help for himself. He should try to believe in himself and think that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome. The right attitude is the best depression help.

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