Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Depression - How To Cope Effectively When The Odd Times Surface In Your Life

Man in an attempt to meet up with the challenges of life, sets all manners of goals for himself and when he fails to reach those goals, he becomes dejected and frustrated. Depending on his maturity and his life experiences, he becomes moody, withdraws from other people around him and keeps to himself. He becomes lonely and if this loneliness becomes too prolonged he is at the risks of depression. This is worse, if for instance the goal has an emotional or spiritual meaning to him like being jilted by a lover or let down by someone he trusts so much. Other events such as the death of a loved one can also trigger off loneliness and of course depression.

Terribly enough, every one of us is prone to loneliness and depression. At a stage in our lives, we all experience situations that may lead to loneliness and depression. The following tips will help you cope when the odd time comes up in your life.

1. It isn't worth dying for. Always, have it at the back of your mind that the situation at hand doesn't worth dying for. Let go of whatever will make you sad when you remember it. The best thing to do is to let go of it, there are better opportunities out there waiting for you, all you just need is to look out for them and replace them with what you have now. Nothing more! Whatever you are going through now is just a passing phase in your life and if you live long enough, better opportunities and offers will come your way. What you see as important today will be irrelevant to you and of no importance in your life later. Whatever is happening to you now, just see it as a moment in your life and if you don't waste your time brooding over it, it will soon go away. Of course, it is natural to feel sad and dejected at these times, but you don't need to worry much on it. See it is a lesson of life that you need to learn to move on in life.

2. Go out rather than staying in your room brooding over your loss. Reach out to your friends, relatives and associates. Socialize. By socializing, it becomes easy for you to forget about your problems. While you are outside with your friends, you don't have time to waste thinking about your problems. It is only when you are alone in the confine of your room that you have all the time in the world to think about your problems.

3. Give a helping hand to the needy. Invest your time, energy and money on people. As you are busy helping other people get over the problems, you put aside your own worries. You don't have time to waste on your own problems. There are many things you can do to help other, one of such is to volunteer your time to help your community or give out a service to a charity that will benefit the community people. You can also give to the poor and the needy. Giving a helping hand to others has a psychological benefit to your life, in that it makes you know that, whatever you are going through now, you are still useful to some people, you have what they don't have.

4. Find a way to entertain yourself. Music and movies have the power to help you take your mind off your worries and who knows you may even come across the solution to your problem in a movie or learn one or two comforting quotes from them.

5. Exercises the body regularly. This will also be of great help to you in getting over your worries. By exercising the body regularly, you sweat out tension and trapped energy in the body thus refresh your body. You can get yourself involved in any exercise session that interest you and will be of immense help to your body, these includes swimming, jogging, cycling and others that you can think of.

6. Read inspirational books and attend motivational programmes. These two will also help you cope with the situation better, as you will have lot of comforting words and quotes coming your way.

7. If you can afford it, go on a vacation. Have a change of scene. Changing your environment for a while will go a long way in helping you adjust to the situation. By leaving where you are presently for sometime, you have the time to escape from your worries and things around that are reminding you of what has happened. and by the time you are returning all those things will have less effect on you.

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