Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Make Money Growing Medicinal Herbs

As more and more people want to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle, the more of a demand there will be for medicinal herbs. This profitable business is perfect for someone wanting to make extra money (it could even become a full-time job), spend more time outdoors, and have fun doing it. It's really quite easy and you can be on your way to big profits in the herbal business before you know it.

Recent medical research has shown that many herbs can be useful as health alternatives to expensive medicines. It's even been reported that in Germany, doctors write seven times as many prescriptions for St John's Wort as they do for Prozac for treating depression. So to say people want medicinal herbs is an understatement. In fact, it's one of the most profitable herb businesses you could start.

First you need to think about what medicinal herbs you'd like to grow. There are hundreds to choose from. Don't feel like you have to grow every one! That might create more headaches and unnecessary hard work than if you just focus on a select few. That way you'll become an expert on those select few and build a reputation as a medicinal herb expert.

Here are a few popular medicinal herbs to consider growing for profit:

Catnip - you've probably heard of this one. It's used primarily as a stimulant for cats, but it also can be a soothing sedative for people. It is also particularly useful for pain and stress relief, as well as helping with cold and flu symptoms.

Chamomile - chamomile can make for a great, soothing tea. It has many medicinal benefits such as being a digestive, calming and sleep aid.

Lemon Balm - the strongly scented leaves of this herb also make for a great tea in addition to being an immune booster and beneficial to the digestive tract.

Marsh mallow - this herb, also known as Althaea officinalis, can be used to treat many skin conditions, coughs and bronchitis, and also is helpful for the digestive tract.

After your herbs are all grown, you're ready to begin selling. There are many opportunities to sell your herbs, whether they are sold right from your backyard, a garage sale, a fundraiser for a church or other charitable cause, or your local farmer's market. At these events, make flyers or posters showcasing the value your medicinal herbs could have for your customers. If people learn what the herbs can do for them, they're more likely to give it a try. When you hear success stories ("That tea really got my cough under control") consider putting quotes on your flyers or posters, and soon your herbs will be flying off the shelves.

The medicinal herb business can be rewarding in that you're not only making a nice profit, but also helping people live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. Have fun with it. Put your creativity into it, and you'll see the customers continue to return.

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