Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Should I Take the Bipolar Test?

Do you suffer from bipolar? Do you know if you have it or not? Bipolar disorder affects many people and may easily be misdiagnosed at first. Bipolar is a mental illness that is most characterized by the extreme changes in the mood. Bipolar can be so extreme, it may make you feel out of control of your emotions, breaking up friendships and relationships. It may even cause you to consider suicide. You won't know if you have bipolar for sure unless you take the bipolar test first.

Bipolar disorder affects teenagers through young adults but it can affect children from the age of six years old and up, although this is rare. Women who are diagnosed as bipolar may feel more of the depression than any other symptom. Women are capable of having four or more extreme mood swings per year.

The cause of bipolar disorder cannot be distinguished for certain. It is well know that it runs in families and may be genetically passed on. Both men and woman have equal chances of developing bipolar. There are no particular races or ethnic groups more prone to this disorder than the other. Anyone can get it if they are susceptible.

To diagnose bipolar disorder, you will need to undergo the bipolar test which may vary from doctor to doctor however most doctors use the same test that was created in order to understand the different type of moods associated with this disorder. A bipolar test can help doctors determine the diagnoses and give you the right prescription to get back on track.

A bipolar test can be done before you go to the doctor to see if you may suffer from this disorder. Questions on this self bipolar test include,

- Do you shout at others or try to start a fight or argument without no apparent reason?

- Do you take spells of feeling so hyper that people around you think that you are not acting like you normally do? Or have you ever gotten in trouble with feeling good or hyper?

- Do you no longer feel confident about yourself?

- Does it matter how much sleep you actually get? You feel fine whether you have 8 hours or 4.

- Do you sometimes find yourself speaking way too fast or unusually loud?

The test like this can help you decide if you should see a doctor about bipolar disorder or if something else may be wrong.

You can also take a bipolar test at the doctor's office or clinic. These tests are tried and proven to determine if you have bipolar disorder or not.

When it comes to bipolar everyone is affected; family, friends, children, co-workers, store owners, everyone. You owe it to yourself and to others to take the bipolar test to find out if you do indeed have bipolar and then see a doctor to determine what your next move will be. Once you are diagnosed with bipolar you can manage your condition by taking medication and learn of different ways to live with it.

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