Saturday, August 24, 2013

Depression Can Hurt - Learn How to Test For Depression

Bill had everything that he could ever ask for in his life. A dream job, his own house, a car and an absolutely beautiful girlfriend the he has been going out for years. Secured in all aspects of life, what more could he ask for? Then, his world came crashing down. When he popped the question to his girlfriend, her response was she wanted to be alone. Time flew with him losing interest in his social life. He isolated himself from his family and friends. Suddenly, he was found dead by a neighbor with a note saying that he was worthless and a burden to everyone. Upon learning the situation, his family was enveloped with darkness to the point that liveliness was took away from them. It has always been a hot topic to friends of the family increasing frustration and that dark cloud enveloping them.

Depression hurts. It can affect you emotionally, mentally and physically. Emotionally in a sense that you always feel worse than sad even if there was nothing to be sad about. You cannot possibly get yourself to liven up try as you may. Physically, since depression has clung to you, your normal routines skewed affecting your eating habits from 3 times a week to sometimes none. Other symptoms of this disorder are not being able to get a night's rest or sufficient sleep for the day; Lack of vigor for social interaction; feeling of burden to everyone; tendency to be suicidal; have a hard time to concentrate; and finally that feeling of being tired all the time but you have not done a thing for the day. If these symptoms arise, immediately consult your friendly psychiatrist to assess your situation. He knows what is the best for you whether rehabilitation, self-medication or anti-depressants. Remember, depression is a serious issue that needs attention. Be aware of its symptoms and consult if need be.

A person undergoing a state of depression may not even know it. He may blame stress and a sleeping disorder for his lack of energy for day to day tasks which can be the common reason, but if the symptoms persist and even though having enough sleep and rest, then he should accept that it is depression and actually find out what may have caused it. There are test for depression that are given in order to help you find out for yourself. The tests involve you mainly observing yourself and even answering a few questions. Some test would be to observe your weight and watching daily routines.

You may say the since you gain weight it would only mean that you ate too much since you tempted by good food, but if you eat too much than what you usually eat then it may mean that you are undergoing depression. There are people you tend to eat so much since their mind works overtime thinking of a lot of things and end up having to eat food at night since they can't sleep. It can even be cause by you using to food to satisfy yourself since you feel that emptiness so much that you want to fill it up in some way.

Another would be to watch your daily routines especially those that you love to do at either a daily basis or weekly basis. There are things that you may end up forgetting but would be normal, but if you feel that you don't feel like doing something like the weekly laundry, even though you really have to, it can be depression taking over. If it would be something that you just enjoy doing, let's say a hobby of yours, but you end up having to energy or not up for it then it is a sign that you are undergoing depression.

These are just some of the free test depression, do make sure to observe yourself and try to understand more about yourself. No one else can tell you things about yourself especially if you are a silent type, so to know you are depressed is up to you and you should take the necessary measures to overcome it.

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