Saturday, August 24, 2013

Are Internet Term Life Insurance Quotes Useful and Are They Accurate?

This type of question I get quite frequently. My solution is very simple. Internet quotes can be effective in giving you a rough estimate of price. That's all! So be very careful!

The main problem is that a lot of these websites don't ask you for essential health information, medical information, prescribed medicine information, family history, hobbies and interests etc. This can be a huge issue and could very well give you a offer that is far from the actual price. This can potentially be highly aggravating and is certainly a substantial problem for insurance purchasers.

I recommend that you talk to an experienced, licensed, insurance specialist who represents a multitude of insurance carriers. These agents are best-known as independent or wholesale agents. They can easily run rates from major insurance companies all around the world to get you great policies at the lowest price.

An experienced wholesale insurance agent will fully grasp:

-Which insurance carrier has the cheapest smokers rates
-Who has the most generous Height and weight ratings
-Who is the Cheapest for hazardous careers
-What insurer has the lowest Diabetic coverage or previous cancer diagnosis plans
-Which insurance carrier will give non-smoking premiums for Chewing tobacco users or pipe smokers.

And much much more...

A high quality, experienced insurance adviser will also ask you important health and background questions which play a major role in calculating your cost. A good quality life insurance agent has seen it all and is aware of which questions to ask and more notably where to get you the lowest price. This practical knowledge and ability may well save you a ton of time and a ton of money on your life insurance. Life insurance is a product you pay for for many years, so even a a small savings per month can add up to a large amount of money over 20-30 years.

Another reason to use a reputable wholesale insurance professional is that not all Life insurance carriers grade your health or underwrite your policy the same. This is incredibly important and this insider knowledge is essential to getting the best price. So remember a great insurance agent can be extremely helpful in finding the right insurance plan for you.

So once again, be wise with internet life insurance rates. They do not tell the entire story. Do yourself a favor, contact a knowledgeable, independent insurance agent and you'll be glad you did.

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