Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where to Get Romantic Quotes

Anyone who is in love could relate to the popularity of romantic quotes. If you are a hopeless romantic and you could not find the right words to express your overfilling passion and emotions, you could consider using several popular love quotes to convey your message to your special someone.

Let us admit it. Not all of us are gifted with the talent to creatively use words for romantic purposes. There are many ways on how you could get some ideas and actual quotes to express your love. Romantic quotes could be obtained from various sources like literature, movies, and songs. There would be no problem if the recipient of such quotes would identify the lines, as long as you indicate your source of love words.

So where should you get romantic quotes? Sources identified above would provide you with so many cheesy, cute, but irresistible love quotes that could make any person sway with love. It would be appropriate if you would carefully choose the romantic lines you would borrow from books, flicks, and music chart busters. Choose quotes that convey romantic messages applicable to your situation for effectiveness.

Romantic quotes from famous literature

No other source of love quotes could be better than classic and contemporary literature. This is because no other people could be as effective in playing with words to convey emotions other than writers and poets. However, be sure your loved one is keen on appreciating literature so he or she could relate with the message more. Here are some examples of effective quotes that would surely knock out anyone's feet out of love.

'One fairer than my love? The all seeing sun/ Never saw her match since first the world begun.' - Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare would not ever be forgotten for his love-smitten lines for this play, which could be accessed by anyone through classic literature. Romeo and Juliet is among the most popular plays of all times. It has been adopted for television specials, movies, and other forms of arts.

'Love and you shall be loved. All love is mathematically just, as much as two sides of an algebraic equation.' - from Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet and essayist. This quote is just one from among numerous love quotes from this famous writer, whose works are compiled in books.

Romantic quotes from movies

Love quotes from movies are more popular these days than those lifted from literature. This is a proof that films are effective in conveying ideas and stories of love. Every year, there are numerous films from Hollywood and other entertainment centers that celebrate love, romance, and passion. Your loved one would more surely appreciate romantic quotes lifted from famous movies. Here are some examples.

'Tell her that you love her. You have got nothing to lose, and you will always regret it if you don't.' - from Love Actually, a romantic comedy released in 2003. It stars Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson, among others.

'Every step I took since the moment I could walk was a step toward finding you.' - from Message in a Bottle, an American romantic drama released in 1999. Its cast is comprised of Kevin Costner and Paul Newman.

Romantic quotes from songs

If literature and movies do not work, there are many love songs you could choose. It is surprising how song composers and lyricists keep on producing songs that serenade the heart. What is best among songs as sources of love quotes is that they are easily accessible. Your favorite song today could have the perfect lyrics that could be applied and related to how much love you feel.

'You are the one who makes me happy, when everything else turns to grey.'- from the song You by the Carpenters, a famous duo during the 1970s.

'I'm into you, and girl, no one else would do, because with every kiss and every hug, you make me fall in love.' - from the song With You by Chris Brown, a contemporary hip hop recording artist.

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