Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Depression During Pregnancy - An Examination Of The Underlying Causes

Suffering From Depression When Pregnant

There are hormonal changes taking place that are substantial and can trigger depressive illnesses and in more extreme cases even psychosis can be triggered. Did you know that the time period in a woman's life when she is most likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness is during her pregnancy or during the year following the birth of her baby?

For Those With A Previous Diagnosis Of Depression Or Mental Illness

For those women who have experienced mental illness before pregnancy, even in mild forms, these women are much more likely to have an experience again, but this time the symptoms are likely to be more extreme.

The underlying causes of depression during pregnancy are multi-various. The physical strains of pregnancy, such as sickness, fatigue and, for some, limited mobility can cause a woman's mood to be affected. These physical triggers do not only have a psychological effect but measurable physiological ones too: sickness can lead to imbalances in electrolytes with cascading consequences on hormones which can and do alter mood.

Whether it is due to fatigue, a body changing its shape or a lack of mobility, some women don't feel able to exercise during pregnancy. However numerous studies have shown that regular exercise is a valuable tool in helping to combat mild to moderate depression

Potential Triggers

There are a lot of potential triggers which make is understandable as to why some women will suffer from some level of depression for the first time in their lives during pregnancy. For existing sufferers the symptoms can become worse unfortunately.

Psychological factors will play an important fact as to whether women will be triggered into depression during pregnancy.

Multiple Miscarriages

Some women suffer a number of miscarriages or stillbirths. In these cases as the pregnancy progresses these women's chances of suffering from an increase in the symptoms of depression increases. The reason for this is that the feeling of uncertainty continues to increase.

When you think about the fact that many first time mothers are coping with feelings of fear regarding their own capabilities, then try to imagine how women who have never had a live birth, but have been pregnant must feel. These women deal with an intense fear of another failed pregnancy, which of course can have the catch 22 effect of increasing the symptoms of depression.


To cope with a pre-existing condition or a newly diagnosed condition, it may help to find a pregnancy buddy, who can help motivate you to take some physical exercise to begin. Even light physical exercise can help and as it does you may feel able to increase the level of exercise.

Talk to someone you can trust. This can either be a close family member or companion, or a suitable organisation.

Try to find something that you enjoyed doing when you were a child and do it for nothing more than amusement and therapy. This could be anything at all, especially anything that we do with our hands, like painting, sewing etc. Once you are working with your hands you will find you should alleviate stress to some degree.

We've heard it thousands of times, but get out into nature, it does work!!?

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