Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dave Matthews Band Quotes - And Why They Are So Memorable

A good quote will create a kind of "placeholder" in your mind. It sits there like a seed burying itself deeper into your subconscious, gaining roots. You hear it one day, then, you forget it. But something stays hidden, if only on the cusp of our memories. Then one day you find yourself stuck in a country, awaiting your immigration papers. Not allowed to work and not allowed to leave. It takes you 7 months just to fill out the overly invasive paperwork and then you have to wait another year and a half just to find out if you can even stay. It's only then and without warning do the words "I say my hell is the closet I'm stuck inside", come resonating like a crushing wave into your heart.

This is the power of a great quote. It's a wise man's pandora box that only truly opens when you've faced life's great experiences. Dave Matthews Band has many of these quotes. Some of my favorite quotes are...

1) "I say my hell is the closet I'm stuck inside" - To Much To Say

2) "Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything." - Grey St.

3) "What you get when you give nothing is everything you gave." - DMB

The 1st quote is from their second studio recording entitled Crash. So Much To Say comes crashing in as the first track and first single release from this album. It won a Grammy back in 1997 for Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group and only reached #19 on the Modern Rock Charts. This quote from the song is a fantastic reflection on how the world we live in can box us in creating a kind of emotional torture. We can escape the world we live in but we can't escape ourselves.

The 2nd quote is from the rocking tune "Grey St" where Dave Matthews says that the song was originally inspired by the poet Anne Sexton and how her depression eventually led to her taking her life. In addition to that, this quote also to has other meanings such as an encouragement to all who struggle on the day to day. Don't be discouraged with your life, but take from it what you're able to. Dream, and turn those dreams into realities.

The 3rd quote is one of their greatest in my opinion. A true soothsayer's guide to life, if you will. If you live a life of not giving then life will give nothing in return. In other words, you only get what you put in. Kind of like a savings account.

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